Monthly Archives: January 2010

Acts of Service


I wholeheartedly believe that we are to be of service to others.  Also, when you are experiencing problems, it helps take the focus off of those issues when you are helping others.  With that being said, I am intentionally becoming more conscientious about serving. 

In my prayer journal I’ve started to keep a log of how I am accomplishing this goal.  So far this week I have:

  • Edited papers and documents for friends
  • Provided groceries and money to a family member in need
  • Donated money to the Haiti Relief Fund
  • Wrote 2 letters of encouragement this week

How have you served lately?


Sweet 16X2= 32 Candles


In honor of my 32nd birthday, I have compiled a list of 32 things in which I am grateful for or adore (in no particular order):

1.  My “Sun”-I have been truly blessed to have the child I do.  He is a dream.  I just hope and pray that I am able to guide him into manhood.

2.  Good Friends-I don’t have many friends, which is okay, but the handful I do have help me get through life. 

3.  Good Food-I have been fascinated with food since I was a kid.  I love food.  Food is so comforting.  It can build bridges.

4.  Work-I often gripe about my job,however, it does allow me to take care of business.

5.  Health Insurance-So many people go without this nessesity that it makes me appreciate mine despite my co-pays. 

6.  Transportation-It’s great to be able to hop in and get from point A to B at anygiven moment.

7.  Family-A small motley crew, but still a wonderful thing to have.

8.  Home-It’s mine and it’s sweet

9.  Sleep-A luxury I lavish

10.  Books-A girl’s best friend.

11.  Memories-A way to remember those who have vaporized

12.  Music-A sure comfort in times of trouble and triumph

13.  Laughter-To prevent from crying and just to have a plain ole good time!

14.  Dancing-I love the arts, plus I love to dance especially when I am home alone

15.  Students-Priceless souls who look up to you and love you in all your imperfections

16.  Conveniences-We take so many simple things for granted, i.e. grocery stores, laundry appliances, potato peelers, lol

17.  A Sound Mind-This is so underrated!

18.  Freedom-Another thing we take for granted that I am glad to have.  In the words of Prince Be glad you are free/Free to change yo’ mind/Free to do most anything anytime

19.  Cell Phones-November 12th, 2009 marked my 3rd year of having a cell phone.  I used to view it as a gps device and found it unimportant to have one as I was either at work or at home with phone lines.  However, it would be a jagged little pill to swallow without one.  What would my life be without texting?

20.  Pens-Cause I love to write!

21.  Mascara-Nothing makes a girl feel prettier and it gives you an instant shot of glam!

22.  The Lottery-A girl can dream, can’t she?

23.  Lip Gloss-It’s bling for your lips

24.  Cupcakes-So cute and dainty–kinda like me!

25.  Clearance and Target-Sometimes the finds are unbelievable!

26.  Our Secretary-This woman has seriously “got my back.”  It’s like having a mother at work!

27.  Mail-Letters, cards, unexpected checks–no bills!

28.  Photographs-I love capturing candid shots the best.

29.  Poetry-My release

30.  Purses-I bought 3 justlast night!

31.  Tea-So soothing

32.  The Bible-It’s not called the “good book” for nothing!


5 Things


My lovely friend Stacy likes to post 5 positive things that have happened to her that day.  At the turn of the year, I started writing 3 things, got discouraged, and gave up.  Sometimes it is hard to see the light…today she inspired me to try.  Here is my list for yesterday:

1.  I was on time for work: At my job if you are even a minute late, you have to conference with the Big (literally and figuratively) Boss.  I don’t like her and have no desires to dialogue with her.

2.  Cleaned the aquarium: A yucky, time-consuming job–but somebody has to do it.

3.  A Surprise Call:  My cousin El called to see how I was doing, which was nice and unexpected.

4.  Texting: I love this form of communication and it’s easy to send a cheerful message or get some instant support.

5.  Living in America:  Even on our worst days, we Americans live so much better than our counterparts in third world countires.

Sugar Mama


A couple of months ago I had a glucose test done and it was negative.  So please explain why I have to have another one today?  Does my doctor WANT me to be diabetic?  I hate drinking that sickenly sweet orange drink.  The last time I had to, it made me feel really weird the rest of the day.  I’ll keep you all updated.

Cool Applications


I bought a Blackberry Tour a couple months ago and so far I like it.  Today I made my  way over to its web site and found many FREE, cool apps.  I downloaded, SuperPages, the Bible, The Weather Channel, Time magazine, 100,000 Free eBooks Wattpad, Snaptu, and White Noise Lite.

But be careful not to bog your phone down with too many  goodies as it can make it run slower.

Letting Go


Monday a friend and I went through my husband’s clothes.  The night before I had made the decision to do this.  I spent a short while crying but was determined to do it anyway.  It was time.

He loved clothes, shoes, and assessories and was quite the shopping companion.  He was very patient and never bucked at me trying on numerous things.  He loved the mall as much as I did.   As a result of this, he had a very extensive, expensive wardrobe.

I thought I would have a difficult time completing the task, but I didn’t! My friend who helped me was very respectful during this proces.  I had a story to tell for almost every item.  We even managed to laugh at his few fashion faux pas.  Three hours later we dropped off two huge bags to  Goodwill, one to a close friend of his, two bags for my brothers, one for my dear uncle, and a final bag for my friend.   Nicholas only took a few t-shirts to sleep in.  I even saved a few trinkets for Ethan and Evan.

It makes me feel better knowing that his clothes are not just sitting around  collecting dust.  I will get so much pleasure from seeing others putting them to use.

A Challenge


I’ve been down and out for a long while now.  Depression, mourning, and simple hardships can really wear on one’s soul.  But today a thought crossed my mind–I have the choice to be positive about life.  It will be my challenge to find beauty in the piles of ashes.

One thing I have started doing is listing three things daily that I am grateful about.  I already have two for the day:

  • I made it to work on time/arrived safely
  • Nicholas is representing his school in the Geography Bee

And maybe one day soon, the tide will change for me.