Nicholas, age 12 is in the 7th grade.  He is a stunningly beautiful boy who loves Star Wars and all things Lego.  He looks like me, but acts just like dad!  He is quite adventurous and enjoys many outdoor activities.  He has never missed a day of school, maintains excellent grades, and has never had a cavity!

Che, age 6 months has brought so much light to our lives! Already he has lots of personality! He loves to dance, play, and put any and everything that can fit into his pie hole right in the kisser!  He is the life of the party and refuses to go to sleep at anything resembling a reasonable hour!


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  1. Girl, you need to talk to Cassie (Just a Glimpse) about the newly added wee-one that doesn’t sleep. Her’s (Kobe) is a bit older than yours, but I’m sure the stories are the same. Enjoy reading about your life and family.

    BTW, good going NICHOLAS! Good grades and never missing school. That is precious, sweet, and totally cool. Wish I’d had him in my 6th grade class. He’d be a great role model.

    Take care.

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