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Ask Him


Yesterday I started the following text conversation with Rhonda:

Me:  What do you think your husband likes about you?

Rhonda: He says I love with a big heart and I’m a caring person.

Me: Okay

Rhonda: Why do you ask?

Me: Just curious, you know how I get to pondering things, lol

Rhonda: Yeah, I know…lol

 A few hours later she texted again:

Rhonda: So I asked him what he liked about me after you sent that last text because I wanted to know if what he said had changed. We have been texting ever since. I’m glad we did. We were able to say some things that I believe we both needed to know. Thanks for getting the ball rolling! Love you!

Me: That is so awesome! You are welcome; it makes me happy hearing that! Love U2 girl!

Tonight ask your significant other what they love about you.  Ask in person, via text, over the phone, email, Skype, or in a letter.  Then tell him what you love about him!  It could be the start of something good…



In addition to our new home, we have something else new dwelling among us –a beautiful, bouncing baby boy! His name is Che and he is perfect! He has totally brought light into our dark days. He is the smallest of the sultans in the Queendom of Morocco!  His nickname is the Emperor!  We  just looooove him to pieces!



The Card


I just wanted to share the card that Kierra got for me for Mother’s Day.

The Power of a Praying Mother

Mom, I have no idea how many times

you’ve prayed for me

through the years,

how many times you’ve carried me

before the Lord in your heart.

But I want to tell you “Thanks.”

Thanks for living your faith

and doing your best

to be a blessing to your family.

Thanks for how you always

asked God’s protection,

guidance, and mercy for me –

Lord knows, I needed them all!

And most of all,

thanks for believing in me

when it would have been easier not to

and for making sure I knew

I was in your prayers.

All through my life, I’ve felt

as though there were two things

I could count on-

God’s love…and yours.

And today I really do believe

a praying mother can work miracles…

because, thanks to you,

I’m one of them.

Wishing you a truly blessed

Mother’s Day!

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day today. We tried to have fun and keep you happy today.  I know you are happy to be a full time Mommy now!  I know you enjoy it alot.  But I will always be here for you no matter what.


Love Ya,


Compliments of  MAHOGANY by Hallmark and Kierra!

The Sisterhood


There are places in cyberspace where sisters of all ages, creeds, and colors meet up as often as they can for a little girl talk, motivation, support, love, candor, and fun.

This is only one such place. 

You all are like sisters to me! After I read the comments left on Date Night I started laughing, then I started crying.  I cried out of sadness  (just the fact that I even have to date) but more so out of gratitude.  I am so thankful that you all have been here with me.  It has been a long, strange trip, my friends!  Who knew that I would begin as stepmom and end up Ms. Singlemama?

Maybe God knew (of course He did) that I would need this circle of love to get me through a very tender season?  Blogging has no doubt helped carry me through the abysss.

I take your advice and suggestiions to heart because I know you gals want the best for me and vice versa.  I just value you ALL beyond belief!!! So I thank you Stacy, Joy, Doraz, Suzanne, Justaglimpse, Rhonda, Leila, Crys, Been There, Dragonflymama, Serendip, Kweenmama, Starla, Old Freind, Kelly, Destined,  Natalie, Yo, Amy, and anyone else that I forgot to mention who has been kind enough to leave a comment on this blog!

One love,


This Thing Called Love


Listening to myself talk and reading what I write, I’ve noticed how loosely I use the word love to describe things that in all actuality, I simply like a lot or enjoy.  The thought of tossing the L-word about brings back memories of my childhood.  We used to have a phrase, If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it!  “It” could have been a myraid of things.

Well, if that isn’t food for thought, I don’t know what is.  I love reading but I don’t think a book would make a good spouse. 

I also love calamari but I couldn’t imagine saying “I do” to breaded squid! Not to mention I love tea as well, although if I married it, wouldn’t it just evaporate over time?! 

I am not married to my career (though I do love my kids!) and on my deathbed I won’t regret not grading more papers or spending countless hours afterschool. 

There is a whole long list of things that I profess to love. (Shoes, purses, clothes, hot baths, blogging, warm covers, hot chocolate…to name a few)

But I’ve come to realize that what I love the most are people–not things.

Love Is…


Love tastes like freshly whipped cream

Love smells like my husband’s cologne

Love feels like cotton candy

Loves sounds like a symphony

Love looks like a sleeping child

Today I will be introducing a poetry unit to my students.  I always like to start with a simple poem to ensure success.  And of course, since love is in the air with tomorrow being the day for lovers, I thought I’d use love as the topic for this 5 Senses poem to model for my classes.

What is love to you?  In the comment section, try your hand at this simple poem following the specified 5 Senses format!

Black Girl Grieves


At my grandmother’s repast, someone with a camera snapped a picture of me that perfectly captured the face of grief.  Over the years I have worn that visage many times.

Today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death.

Today marks three months for my husband, too.

I miss them so very much!