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Hair Today…


On my birthday I got to see my lovely niece Jazmine! I was soooooo happy–it really made my day.  She told me she has been waiting for me to pick her up and asked if I had a “girl” room at my house for her.  She is four years-old now.

Seeing Jazmine made me recall the hair tragedy.  When it first happened I was highly distraught.  I mean you just don’t cut a girl’s hair!  I was far more traumatized than she was! In fact when she saw her bald fade, she could not stop laughing she was so amused with her new look!  Now when I retell the story I am laughing right along.  Especially when I describe  the absurdity of the person who tried to GLUE her ponytails back on!!!  As if I wouldn’t have known something was off!

The moral of the story is what seems like the worst thing that could have ever happened today can amuse you tomorrow.  Besides, hair does grow back!




Today when I picked Jazmine up from the sitter’s, I thought something looked different about her hair.  When I got her home I saw that she only had three ponytails.  I sent her with four.  I took a closer look at her hair and noticed that it had been sawed off in places.  I became frantic realizing that that one of her ponytails had been cut off!

As I was surevying the damge, I took the hair band off of the third ponytail and her “ponytail” fell into my hand!  She only had two ponytails!  What was left of her hair was shiny and hard.  Examining her scalp, I found glue residue.  I immediatedly started crying and washing what was left of her hair. 

I quickly called the sitter to find out what had happened.  I wanted to know if she had ingested any of the chemical.  She did not know because she had been asleep. She claimed that her husband was supposed to be keeping an eye on Jazmine and her four-year-old grandchild.  I was furious!!!  I contacted the local Poison Control Center and they said she would be fine.

It was finally revealed that her grand-daughter put eyelash glue in Jazmine’s hair.  I guess when her husband saw what had happened, he panicked and tried cutting the glue out of the hair.  He was not there when I picked Jazmine up.  Obviously he did not want to face my wrath.  I was so disgusted with her that I hung up the phone.  I did not want to hear any lame excuses.

She has bald patches and two clumps of hair.  I have no other choice but to get it cut very close to the scalp.  I am upset.  I blame myself because I selected the sitter.  Had I known she was so irresponsible, I would have never entrusted my niece to her care.

I hate that she will have to have a fade at age two!  Every cloud does have a silver lining, no matter how faint.  It could have been something far more sinister.  Also, winter is around the corner.  I will just have to find her the cutest hats possible. 

Suffice it to say, that sitter will not be caring for my niece ever again.

Sugar and Spice


In many ways Jazmine is the daughter I always wanted.  When I was pregnant with Nicholas I wanted a little girl soooo bad!  I had to get used to the idea that I was having a son.  But now that he is here, I wouldn’t trade him for all the daughters in the world.  He is my beloved little boy!

However, I still love girls–maybe because I am one, eh?  I especially love the clothes and shoes that are deigned for them.  I used to pine away at all the cute, dainty pieces in the stores.  Now I don’t have to fantatsize any more because I can buy them!

Nicholas is not really into clothes.  He will put on anything.  I’ve had to train him over the years to match colors.  He’s pretty good at it now, but still takes little interest in clothes.  He does not like to go shopping and believes that giving clothing as gifts is in bad taste.  When he was four months old, I took him out to buy a snow suit.  He was livid that I dared to try it on him.  I can still see his chubby red face contorted with tears.  I guess he never recovered from that incident! 

But I like shopping for him as well, it just represents more of a challenge.  I like to mix up his wardrobe so that it includes more than the standard t-shirts and jeans.  His clothes remain in mint condition because he wears uniforms to school.

I have bought Jazmine so many clothes that we are running out of storage space.  There is a new store at one of my favorite malls called Crazy Eights (go figure!) with the most adorable girl clothing and accessories.  I also like Target and Macy’s.  But the fact is that most stores have cute things for girls!  It is soooo hard for me to resist!!!

It is nice having both sugar and spice.

People really love this simple ensemble.

People really love this simple ensemble.


These shoes are so sweet--they remind me of candy!

These shoes are so sweet--they remind me of candy!


Jazmine loves this skirt! In the winter, I will pair it with a black turtleneck and tights.

Jazmine loves this skirt! In the winter, I will pair it with a black turtleneck and tights.


Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!



Today is Jazmine’s 2nd birthday! Here are a few facts about my lively niece! 

  • She loves Dora and Spongebob and can sing both of their theme songs. 
  • She is very helpful when it comes to chores and is quite neat for her age
  • Jazmine is very independent
  • She likes to dance
  • She likes to color as well
  • Jazmine really loves being outside hanging with the big kids
  • She does not like bread
  • She resents taking naps
  • She is a goofy baby
  • Jazmine is a girly-girl and loves skirts and dresses

So Much for Praise!


This morning when Jazmine was finishing up on the potty I encouraged her to try putting on her pull-up without my help.  I left her alone for a few minutes and when I returned she was sitting on the floor doing just that. 

However, she had both legs in one opening.  Wanting to praise her for the effort she made, in a happy tone I said “Good job Jazmine–good job trying!”  She looked me directly in the eyes and said with great authority “shut-up!” 

Shocked speechless, I took her advice!

Boarding the Potty Train


I am sooo excited!  Today at 5:05pm Jazmine used the potty for the very first time!  I thought I had lost my touch because she didn’t seem to be responding to my initial efforts.   It has been quite a long time since I’ve had to do anything like that and I felt a little intimidated.  I was starting to get discouraged, however, I’m glad I didn’t.  We are starting to see the fruits of our labor. 

I even wrote Jazmine’s mom to spread the good news and Jazmine also scribbled a note about her big day.  I can’t wait to tell my brother! Yay for Jazmine!

Whose Idea is it Anyway?


            A couple of weeks ago one of my girlfriends sent me an e-mail about an

upcoming event for young girls in our city.  I read over it and thought that

Kierra would benefit from attending this event.  The event falls on BM’s

weekend.  So I forwarded the e-mail to BM stating that I thought it would be

a great opportuntiy for Kierra.  I also offered to pay for the registration fees

and asked her to get back with me to let me know what she thouhgt.  BM

 never responded.

          Last weekend there was an event like the one I mentioned before for

women.  Kierra had called my husband to come over.  BM was going to this

event and wanted Kierra to go with her.  Kierra did not want to go but BM

insisted.  Kierra knew about the event for the girls and wanted to go with

my girlfirend’s daughter.  Normally we do not ask or make suggestions for

Kierra when she is with her mom.  We all have been working on Kierra’s

attitude.  She has reached teenage status and for the most part a pretty 

good kid.  Kierra has some self-esteem issues, mainly because she is small

and not as developed as most of her friends.  This event is designed to boost

the self-esteem of young ladies.  I understand that this event takes place on 

BM’s weekend and that she may have had plans for Kierra, but she could 

have been courteous enough to acknowledge the email.  BM just ignored my

email altogether.

          I guess I should not have been so surprised.  Over the years this has

happened quite a bit.  I’ll have a conversation with Kierra about taking her

somewhere and through her excitement she may mention what I planned 

to do with her.  Shortly thereafter BM would have taken her before I could 

ever get the chance.  Or I might make a suggestion and BM would come up 

with an absurd reason why Kierra could not participate.  Then three 

months later she “comes up” with this bright idea, the same one that I had

mentioned to her before.  It’s really nerve wracking.

          How many of you have seen the movie Stepmom?  Do you recall the

scene where Isabel (Julia Roberts) asked Jackie, BM (Susan Sarandon) if she

could take Anna (SD) to a concert on a school night?  Jackie belittled Isabel

for even suggesting such a thing.  On the evening of the concert, Isabel

dropped the kids off only to learn that Jackie was taking Anna to the same

concert.  Then she laughed in Isabel’s face and thanked her for the idea. 

HOW RUDE!!!  Isabel was on the verge of tears.  I have felt this way far too

many times when BM has done the same to me.