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Sweet 16X2= 32 Candles


In honor of my 32nd birthday, I have compiled a list of 32 things in which I am grateful for or adore (in no particular order):

1.  My “Sun”-I have been truly blessed to have the child I do.  He is a dream.  I just hope and pray that I am able to guide him into manhood.

2.  Good Friends-I don’t have many friends, which is okay, but the handful I do have help me get through life. 

3.  Good Food-I have been fascinated with food since I was a kid.  I love food.  Food is so comforting.  It can build bridges.

4.  Work-I often gripe about my job,however, it does allow me to take care of business.

5.  Health Insurance-So many people go without this nessesity that it makes me appreciate mine despite my co-pays. 

6.  Transportation-It’s great to be able to hop in and get from point A to B at anygiven moment.

7.  Family-A small motley crew, but still a wonderful thing to have.

8.  Home-It’s mine and it’s sweet

9.  Sleep-A luxury I lavish

10.  Books-A girl’s best friend.

11.  Memories-A way to remember those who have vaporized

12.  Music-A sure comfort in times of trouble and triumph

13.  Laughter-To prevent from crying and just to have a plain ole good time!

14.  Dancing-I love the arts, plus I love to dance especially when I am home alone

15.  Students-Priceless souls who look up to you and love you in all your imperfections

16.  Conveniences-We take so many simple things for granted, i.e. grocery stores, laundry appliances, potato peelers, lol

17.  A Sound Mind-This is so underrated!

18.  Freedom-Another thing we take for granted that I am glad to have.  In the words of Prince Be glad you are free/Free to change yo’ mind/Free to do most anything anytime

19.  Cell Phones-November 12th, 2009 marked my 3rd year of having a cell phone.  I used to view it as a gps device and found it unimportant to have one as I was either at work or at home with phone lines.  However, it would be a jagged little pill to swallow without one.  What would my life be without texting?

20.  Pens-Cause I love to write!

21.  Mascara-Nothing makes a girl feel prettier and it gives you an instant shot of glam!

22.  The Lottery-A girl can dream, can’t she?

23.  Lip Gloss-It’s bling for your lips

24.  Cupcakes-So cute and dainty–kinda like me!

25.  Clearance and Target-Sometimes the finds are unbelievable!

26.  Our Secretary-This woman has seriously “got my back.”  It’s like having a mother at work!

27.  Mail-Letters, cards, unexpected checks–no bills!

28.  Photographs-I love capturing candid shots the best.

29.  Poetry-My release

30.  Purses-I bought 3 justlast night!

31.  Tea-So soothing

32.  The Bible-It’s not called the “good book” for nothing!