Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Postcards


Every so often God sends me a message directly from Him. I was delighted yesterday when I retrieved the mail and saw the postcards from Cancun. 

It was so odd to receive them. Just the day before I was thinking that obviously they had been lost in the mail and they would have no mementos of Cancun.  I felt disappointed too because I always send my sons correspondence whenever I am away from home. 

Lo and behold over 45 days later, they came!

His message: Just when you think all is lost, it really isn’t.  Your blessings will come when you least expect them! Believe that!




I’m cleaning out the garage and getting rid of a lot of clutter–especially paper.  Proud to say I tossed quite a bit out last night.  Things I got rid of include:

  • Old graduation programs
  • Cards from former bosses/coworkers simply signed
  • Old invitations
  • Cards from businesses
  • Old check stubs (I have been saving them for YEARS!)
  • Old bills and bank statements

Trickier and still holding:

  • Letters from students
  • Funeral programs
  • College/high school work

The deciding factor for me was whether I wanted to continue toting and storing things that I rarely glance at.  The answer is no.  Plus I’m tired of looking at my messy garage!  I can’t wait to see what I throw out in Round II this evening.