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I Like It!


So I received a sample of choffy and I must say I like it! The taste is hard to pinpoint, but if forced to describe it with one adjective, I would choose “fresh.” It has a really fresh chocolate taste. It of course reminds me of cocoa but in a much purer form. Such a decadent delight and the aroma is heavenly!

Choffy can be made either by using a French press or a drip coffee maker. I had neither but the cup in which the sample came with was a French press-pretty impressive.

I embellished mine with half and half and regular white sugar. But I’m sure you could use whatever suits your fancy–almond, hazelnut, or coconut milk, agave, cane sugar stevia, or nothing at all. This consistency is that of any hot drink. I took the picture midway through the steeping process which is why it looks awfully thick.


Lil Skater


We attended two birthday parties this weekend. The first was for my friend’s adorable twin four-year-old boys at the roller rink.

I was impressed that the rink had real skates for toddlers, lol. I skated also which I love to do. I’ve resumed rollerblading in the evening as I push my little one on his trike. I used to do this when Nic was a baby as well, lol.







The second party was at Chuck E. Cheese. I believe this one offered too much stimulation for the small fry as evidenced in the pictures below, lol!






Getting ready to roll!

Love It!


I’m so proud, James is a former student of mine! I had him senior year and he was a nice, polite, funny kid. What makes his story even more awesome is that he had never played football prior to joining our squad his 12th grade year! Way to go! You may read the rest of his story here.

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Today I opened an email from Michael’s and it read “Smash Journals are Here!” This piqued my curiosity because I love papery things, lol. So I googled the term and this is what I found:

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They are basically scrapbooks that you “smash” mementos in. It comes with a handy pen that has a glue stick on the other end of it. With this tool, you can simply smash and go. The journals often contain large pockets for storage. The pages contain quotes or oer illustrations. Any takers? I plan to go check them out over the weekend–as if I need another scrapebook, lol

As you can see, I bought one!