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A Cake For Jesus


Upon hearing that Christmas is the day we allocate for Jesus’ birthday, Rhonda’s kids decided to make him a cake, lol, how precious is that?!



I’m 33: Happy Birthday to Me!


In honor of my 33rd birthday, here are 33 things that I’d like to do/try before reaching 34 (God willing):

1.  Go on an adult vacation: Preferably an island–any island! I went to Cancun and had a nice time

2.  Have my baby boy potty trained: He will be 21 months then.

3.  Make time to pursue my hobbies

4.  Decide if I want to attend law school No, I’ll stick to the education industry.

5.  Find a place of worship

6.  Find a great, simple recipe for mac and cheese Thanks to Suzanne, half and half, and cooking creme

7.  A serious relationship: I am lonely

8.  Make a pink champagne cake Very rich and decadent!

9.  Start/finish my a scrapbook for my mother

10. Gain 10 pounds: In my opinion there is a such thing as being too thin

11.  Have a family vacation somewhere where there is a beach–Australia maybe

12.  Compliment/encourage someone at least once a day

13.  Pray more

14.  Keep a resilient attitude

15.  Read at least 10 good books that are not work related: The Help,

16.  Manage my time more efficiently

17. Stop and smell the roses

18.  Develop a plan for my debts

19.  Be grateful for the smALL things

20.  Consciously choose to forgive those who have hurt me

21.  Finish the Old Testament

22.  Take a class–likely pertaining to my career

23.  Cook whatever I want to eat

24.  Start an online business

25.  Organize the garage

26.  Create a formal will: Shame on me that I don’t have this done by now!

27.  Save more, spend less

28.  Stop using retail as therapy

29.  Exercise patience

30.  Stop taking everything to heart

31.  Laugh more: Sometimes I am such a wet blanket

32.  Be more creative with my wardrobe

33.  Spend twice as much more QUALITY time with my kids

She’s Here!



My Ani-Lee dress was waiting for me when I got home today. It is exquisitely beautiful and very much reminds me of a tutu.     

However, I won’t being wearing it on my birthday! It is far toooo cold here in Indy. Tomorrow the temperature will be a whopping 1 degree, brrrr!     

I must say thank you to Jen because I first saw the dress on her blog which is featured in January’s  Cosmo Australia! Way to go Jen!

The Party Was A Success!!!


We had a blast!

The night before the party, Kierra downloaded Spongebob music onto a CD.  We played the CD the entire party…well almost!  Imani loves to dance so toward the end we turned to a local radio station so she could get her groove on!

My house was transformed into Bikini Bottom!  Kierra taped blue and teal streamers  into the doorways to look like water.  I made jellyfish out of pink ballons filled with helium.  On each balloon I colored red circles on top and attatched red curling ribbon to the bottom for the tentacles.  I also had a huge helium Spongebob balloon floating around.  It would just appear out of nowhere.  My husband and his friend were following behind it laughing just like Spongebob.

We had Crabby Patties (a regular hamburger patty with all the fixings), hotdogs, fishsticks, and chips.  All the children wanted Crabby Patties of course!  Even the adults thought the Crabby Patties were awesome!  For the punch, I froze blue juice with a red jellyfish gummy into icecube trays.  I then poured Pinapple pop over the icecube.  The mixture turned green.  The children really liked the surprise in the bottoms of their cups.

We played catch the jellyfish.  I got this game from the party store.  In the package was a giant poster of Spongebob and Patrick with nets, along with stickers of jellyfish.  The jellyfish had a line for names on each one.  The objective of the game is just like “pin the tail.”  Whoever placed their sticker closest to the nets won the game.  The prizes were bubbles…since Spongebob and Patrick love to blow bubbles!  We also played musical chairs and limbo.

Imani opened her gifts.  She recieved a lot of money!  We took pictures of her opening the gifts and also had her pose with the giver. 

Then it was time for icecream and cake.  I ordered a Spongebob Cupcake Cake.  It was so cute!  I liked the cupcake cake better than a sheet cake. 

Each guest recieved a party bag which included a Spongebob pencil, a Spongebob tattoo, Spongebob Fruit Snacks, Red Jellyfish Gummies, and a variety of candy.

I had planned on showing some episodes of Spongebob but by the time we finished all the games and dancing it was getting late.

The party turned out better than I originally thought!  Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday girl.

13: From Tween to Teen


Last Friday we celebrated Ethan’s 13th birthday.  My gift to him was room make-over, something that was a long time coming.  I bought new bedding, valances, a shelf, storage bins, and framed art.  I also used things that Evan made in art therapy.  We sent Ethan outside to play baseball while we got busy cleaning and redecorating.  After we finished the room looked great!  He also got a couple of new outfits and a baseball game for the PSII.  I think he was really pleased even though he simply said thank you.  I am learning that this just may be the kind of personality that he has.  He has a hard time showing emotion–whether it be happiness or sadness.


Right before we left out for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise, Ethan’s middle brother called and I answered the phone.  He did not ask to speak to Ethan; instead he asked if we had intentions of celebrating Ethan’s birthday.  I found this to be a strange question coming from an 11-year-old child.  It sounded like something an adult would inquire about.  I replied that we indeed had plans.  He didn’t respond and just held the line so I told him that I would have Ethan call him later.


I hate to sound so suspicious, but I’m sure Eliza put him up to making that call.  Why though?  At the last visit she discussed how she thought that birthday parties were overrated (I believe her new way of thinking has a lot to do with the deadly incident that happened at the last birthday party that she crashed.).  I agreed and talked about the Birthdays Without Pressure movement.  I told her that our approach was low key and more family oriented for such celebrations.  Therefore she should have concluded from that conversation that we were planning on doing something.  It’s almost like she doesn’t trust us enough to nurture and celebrate the children.  What gives?  This caused me to ruminate over our situation and I reached an obvious conclusion that I will post about tomorrow.