Monthly Archives: February 2011

There’s Something About Those Cookies



This morning I was trying to decide what kind of Girl Scout cookies I wanted to buy from a fellow colleague’s daughter in addition to my favs, Thin Mints.  So I googled to see what new flavors they have and stumbled across this article.


Anyhow, I’m going to order a box of Tagalongs, Shout outs, and two of the violence inducing Thin Mints!

Wedding Bells or Sirens?


My little brother (22 on the ides of March) is getting married. Tear!

I learned this information a week ago via my sister.  He relayed to her that he wanted me and the kids to be there.  I have a strained relationship with him.  Why I can’t exactly pinpoint. Nevertheless he should have called me himself.

He has been with her around 5 years.  I do not like his wife-to-be.  I have no concrete reason as I do not know her very well nor do I particularly want to.  However, there is just something about her that doesn’t agree with me.

My brother rarely comes around, and the few times that he has and she’s been with him, she sits out in the car. Weird.

She did not come to my mother’s service because she had to work.  It didn’t seem to bother him but it offended me.

She seems very timid around me.  I do not treat her rudely, but I suppose she knows that I don’t approve of her.

The wedding is April 23rd so I have a couple of  months to get over myself.  How do I do this? I try to think about the fact that he seems to be happy with her (can’t he be happy with someone else?). Small consolation.  Also, I’m not the one marrying her so it really shouldn’t be an issue (my rational mind knows this). 

I thought about not attending but changed my mind.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings or deprieve Che and Nicky of the opportunity.  Plus I feel so sad that our mother is not around to witness it so I feel even more compelled to be there.

And I refuse to be like my Satan-in-law.



Everybody has heard of the proverbial milkman and although I am not quite old enough to have experienced milk being delivered, I was curious about it.  So I contacted Oberweis and arranged for a delivery.  I must say the milk tastes sweeter, creamier, and fresher than it’s store bought counterpart.  I also love the glass jugs and bottles.

Has anyone ever had milk delivered? If so, what are your thoughts and memories.


Fruits of Labor



I was delighted yesterday to have lunch with a former student and her new husband (no kids yet)! She is currently pursuing a degree in respiratory therapy.  Her husband is in the military and they are stationed in North Carolina.

She is such a sweet, candid young lady.  I loved how she was never embarrassed when she needed help in class. We have kept in touch since she graduated in 2006.

I am so proud of Lori!