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Fighting Fibromyalgia


Living with fibromyalgia will suck the life out of you-if you let it. I felt compelled to write this post as a result of dealing with debilitating fatigue issues the last couple of weeks. I want to share six tips that work for me

  • Listen to Your Body: Cliche, but true. I am a busy lady and I don’t always have time to honor my temple so to speak, however, when I don’t, I pay for it in some form or fashion. Set boundaries by learning to say no when you are tired. The goal is to have balance. Don’t drain your battery by taking on too much.
  • Water Yourself: Literally! I saw a meme the other day that said we are pretty much house plants, lol. Maybe it’s the Aquarius in me, but I love water. It is soothing and therapeutic. Water is life. I love the ocean. I love taking baths. I’ve even learned to love drinking it. When the pain becomes too much and the stiffness sets in, I relax in a hot bath. I add add two cups of Epsom salt to the water to help increase my magnesium levels and ease the discomfort.
  • Diet: “You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet!” I remeber this PSA from when I was a kid. This, too is true. Eat junk and you feel like junk. I truly love fresh fruits and vegetables and grilled meats. But I must keep it real-healthy foods are pricey, which is shameful! America really needs to do something about this. Processed food is a lot cheaper and more convenient, but laden with far too much sodium, unhealty fats, and sugar. I try to stick to whole foods because I know in the long run I will feel so much better.
  • Sweet Heat: I sleep on top of an electric blanket. Not only does it feel like heaven, but it helps the muscle pain and stiffness. A heating pad is smaller, but also works to target specific areas.
  • Supplement: In addition to eating well, I take magnesium, iron and a multivitamin. I recently discovered the Goli Ashwagandha Gummies. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that is touted to reduce stress and cortisol levels, lower blood pressure and enhance the immune system. I take two Gummies before bedtime, put my my phone on DND and relax before I fall asleep. I also purchased a new pillow for back and side sleepers that has helped.
  • Relax: I like to do a calming activity right before bedtime-read and color in my Creative Bible, listen to a meditation, do some gentle stretching, or light a candle and practice my breathing. This routine helps signal my brain that it is time to rest. I try to make sure I get all of my fluids in by 7p so that I won’t be up using the bathroom throughout the night. I also stop eating at the same time to give my digestive system a chance to work uninterrupted.

Tea Time: Taking tea is a soothing and many worldwide partake in it. I have a wide variety of tea to choose from.My to go to cup at the moment is Hot Cinnamon Sunset by Harney and Sons. I have never fancied myself as a cinnamon lover, but this really appeals to me. Cinnamon is naturally sweet and I like that I do not have sweeten it. I simply add about a teaspoon of crystalized ginger chips. Not only does ginger add more flavor, it aids with alleviating muscle pain.

I hope this helps someone else who may be living with fibromyalgia. Leave a comment about what helps you-let’s keep the circle going!