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Update on the Wal-mart Oil Change Fiasco


After the Wal-mart employee returned with the pliers, I waited another 30 minutes for them to complete the task. They listened to the engine twice to make sure it ran okay. The manager of the Tire Lube & Express apologized for the 100th time and asked if there was anything I’d like the store to do for me. I replied that I would contact the store for a refund the following day and see what else the general store manager offered.

I also plan to send an email to corporate office as well as take my vehicle to the dealer for inspection. That whole episode was just too weird for me.

But I am very thankful for the kindness of strangers! It obviously could have turned out a lot worse had others not gotten involved.

Silver Lining: There are still some good people left in the world!

Lesson: Never allow Wal-mart to do an oil change!


The Lamest of Them All


So I go to Wal-Mart to get my oil changed and buy cleaning supplies. Something told me NOT to go there, but trying to kill two birds with one stone, I went anyway. Not to mention, I had my two-year-old with me and I figured I could entertain him better in Wal-Mart versus a Jiffy Lube.

An hour later I exited feeling like I accomplished something. I stopped at the Marsh next door and went through the drive through at Arby’s for a quick bite. About a quarter of a mile down the road, cars next to me started honking wildly so I rolled my window down. “You have something leaking from your car!” everyone in the vehicle next to me yelled. I thanked them and that’s when I noticed the smoke. I pulled over and indeed it was something black leaking from under the hood.

Instantly a car pulled behind me and asked if I needed help. By that time I was on the phone with the Tire & Lube Express. The good Samaritan asked if he could pop the hood and take a look. The two gentlemen immediately ascertained that the oil plug had not been tightened. I explained this to the service manager and asked for assistance.

Livid, I spent 13 minutes on hold before I hung up and called the general manager. I demanded that he send someone to help me as I could not drive back to Wal-Mart with no oil in my car.

Another good Samaritan stopped and asked if I needed help. He sat and talked with me awhile.

The same guys from earlier who first stopped to see if I needed help came back to see if someone from Wal-Mart had made it yet.
Two men from Wal-Mart arrived ten minutes later. One had to go back to the store because he didn’t bring pliers!

I am waiting as I write this…to be continued.






Okay, I need help. I have instructed Nicholas not to leave half full beverage containers in his trash can a THOUSAND times. In fact I just spoke to him about this AGAIN yesterday! And this morning when I went down to his room, lo and behold, another half full can in the bin! Is he crazy?! When I was told to do something by an adult, I did it.  He needs to be punished, but I want the punishment fit the crime. Or am I being melodramatic?! Any suggestions welcome!!!

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