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I Think I Get It Now


Remember awhile back when I wrote about a date I went on and I really liked the guy? Well, I still do.  We’ve been on many outings since then.  In fact, I haven’t gone out with anyone else.

Nicholas and I have met his three children as well as his extended family.  Unfortumately, his ex is still holding on to the past.

Having been around the blended family block, my focus has changed.  I don’t want to place my attention anywhere that it doesn’t need to be.

I think I get something now that I didn’t get then–I don’t have to worry myself about their mother considering we have no direct relationship. 

Hindsight certainly is 20/20!




Hi, everyone!  I have been doing okay.  I was just a lot exhausted and overwhelmed from the year 2008 that I just needed some “me” time. I’ve missed you all!  I  spent seven days in beautiful Maui. 

I’ll be back to posting on as regular basis here soon!

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Watching the sun set

Watching the sun set


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