Sweet 16X2= 32 Candles


In honor of my 32nd birthday, I have compiled a list of 32 things in which I am grateful for or adore (in no particular order):

1.  My “Sun”-I have been truly blessed to have the child I do.  He is a dream.  I just hope and pray that I am able to guide him into manhood.

2.  Good Friends-I don’t have many friends, which is okay, but the handful I do have help me get through life. 

3.  Good Food-I have been fascinated with food since I was a kid.  I love food.  Food is so comforting.  It can build bridges.

4.  Work-I often gripe about my job,however, it does allow me to take care of business.

5.  Health Insurance-So many people go without this nessesity that it makes me appreciate mine despite my co-pays. 

6.  Transportation-It’s great to be able to hop in and get from point A to B at anygiven moment.

7.  Family-A small motley crew, but still a wonderful thing to have.

8.  Home-It’s mine and it’s sweet

9.  Sleep-A luxury I lavish

10.  Books-A girl’s best friend.

11.  Memories-A way to remember those who have vaporized

12.  Music-A sure comfort in times of trouble and triumph

13.  Laughter-To prevent from crying and just to have a plain ole good time!

14.  Dancing-I love the arts, plus I love to dance especially when I am home alone

15.  Students-Priceless souls who look up to you and love you in all your imperfections

16.  Conveniences-We take so many simple things for granted, i.e. grocery stores, laundry appliances, potato peelers, lol

17.  A Sound Mind-This is so underrated!

18.  Freedom-Another thing we take for granted that I am glad to have.  In the words of Prince Be glad you are free/Free to change yo’ mind/Free to do most anything anytime

19.  Cell Phones-November 12th, 2009 marked my 3rd year of having a cell phone.  I used to view it as a gps device and found it unimportant to have one as I was either at work or at home with phone lines.  However, it would be a jagged little pill to swallow without one.  What would my life be without texting?

20.  Pens-Cause I love to write!

21.  Mascara-Nothing makes a girl feel prettier and it gives you an instant shot of glam!

22.  The Lottery-A girl can dream, can’t she?

23.  Lip Gloss-It’s bling for your lips

24.  Cupcakes-So cute and dainty–kinda like me!

25.  Clearance and Target-Sometimes the finds are unbelievable!

26.  Our Secretary-This woman has seriously “got my back.”  It’s like having a mother at work!

27.  Mail-Letters, cards, unexpected checks–no bills!

28.  Photographs-I love capturing candid shots the best.

29.  Poetry-My release

30.  Purses-I bought 3 justlast night!

31.  Tea-So soothing

32.  The Bible-It’s not called the “good book” for nothing!


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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!! I just remembered from last year that our birthdays are a couple weeks apart and that we are the same age.


  2. Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!!! I hope your day has been filled with wonderful experiences, and I wish you blessings a peace filled year.

    I have to comment on #1 – My husband was raised by his mother and let me reassure you that due to her influence, he is sensitive, kind, yet very manly and loves to shop! Raising children is about raising a good human, and there’s not a better woman to do that job than you!

    Love your list…#17 really jumped off the page for me, so glad we both have that! 🙂

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! You are well on your way, right? Hope you have a great week and that you smile and laugh…often! 🙂 Take care now!

  4. This is a great idea for a post! Wish I would have thought to do it on my birthday on the 15th. Of course, I would have had to have FORTY TWO items on my list. My kids think I’m so old. Sheesh!

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