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Try This



I added about a half cup of frozen peas to Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, and surprisingly it wasn’t bad! If nothing else it upped the nutritional value.


Do You?


Some people should refrain from marrying.  Sunday I was most disturbed while watching “On the Case” hosted by Paula Zahn.  This particular episode featured the story of Darren Mack, accused of killing his wife Charla, and shooting the family court judge presiding over their divorce.

Midway through the story Paula reported that one of their hobbies was “swinging.”  I’m sorry, but in my mind this activity has NO place in holy matrimony.  If you want an “open” marriage, why bother getting married in the first place?  Open marriage=oxymoron in my book of life. 

Another pet peeve of mine–people who marry with divorce in mind.  If it doesn’t work out, we can always divorce.  Divorce should be the last resort.  What if there was no such thing as divorce?  Do you think people would choose their mates more wisely?  Or would it create a surge of crimes of passion?  If you are not willing to work through your problems and put effort forth to make it work, do everyone a favor and keep your single status. 

Last week  my boss confided in me (why I was privy to this info sure beats me)about how he told his wife of 18 years he wanted her to move out.  I was surprised to say the least.  Usually the husband leaves the wife in the home.  Since he was in a sharing mood, I asked him why.  He said because she was “getting on his nerves.”  Amazing stuff.  That happens sometimes within the confines of a marriage.  It actually happens more frequently than the unenlightened would imagine.  And it only took him 18 years to come to the realization!

Man I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I’d admit it
I hope one day we get married just to say we f-cking did it
And girl I’m really serious I’m with it if you with it
Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted

 These lyrics are from a song called “Miss Me” by Drake, which I do like.  However, the above lines are just another example of society’s cavalier attitude toward marriage.  The reasons he gives for wanting to take her on as his wife are because she’s good with words and wears tight pants.  I know this is just a song, but I suspect there is more than a grain of truth in those lines.

All we have to do is look at Brittany Spears who married her childhood best  friend for five minutes and other celebrities who marry and divorce based on lust and looks for more evidence of our shallowness.  Is Angelina Jolie going to run off with Johnny Depp? They just made the  movie The Tourist.  Be afraid Brad, be very afraid!

Marriage is hard work.  It is not always pretty. I’m afraid we’ve taken something beautiful and made a mockery of it.  Death rarely does any union part nowadays.  It’s really heartbreaking and makes me terrified of ever marrying again.



Do you know people who seem to thrive off of drama?  They carry on so  much that they make themselves sick?  I like to call this phenomenon post dramatic stress disorder.

I’ve tried in all areas of my life to avoid this dreaded disease.  But some love  its contamination.  Really it’s just a foil to cover the insecurity and the emptiness in their lives.  Drama distracts them from their pathetic existence.

PDSD really likes to rear its ugly head during the holidays.  So how do you stay drama-free you may wonder?  Here are a few things I do to cut the theatrics:

1.) Be secure:  People love to gossip and if you just so happen to be the object of  malicious slander, you will need to fortify yourself. The best reaction in this case is none at all.  People are allowed their opinions. And just because they “said it” doesn’t make it so. You show your security when you resist constantly defending yourself.  When you know who you are, nothing can shake your foundation.

2.) Learn to handle them:  You can’t avoid people who suffer from this condition ALL the time.   Sometimes those very people reside in your own family or his. And many times you work with them.  Therefore, when you HAVE to be around them, it is best to keep the conversation light, cordial, and on general terms.  Smile and greet “the room” so that no one can claim you did not acknowledge him or her.  I was once accosted by a relative because I failed to give her a picture of my baby.  I simply replied “No, I did not” and left it at that, which left her speechless.

3.) Know their motive: People who suffer from PDSD ALWAYS have a motive.  Usually it is to get under your skin, ruin your day, steal your joy, usurp some of your security for a temporary high,  to break your inner peace, or all of the above.  Understanding this enables you to handle their attacks  in a nonreactive way.  Do not allow them to use you for their sick and twisted entertainment purposes.

4.) Don’t be surprised by their hostility:   Do you REALLY expect them to behave any differently? Would you be upset if a shark bit your arm off?  Initially yes, but after you think about it, that’s what they do when they feel threatened.   Not to mention, it was only behaving in the only manner that it knows how–as a shark.  In their (the poison people, not the shark’s) minds you represent a threat to them because you (fill in the blank ).  Sharks bite, bottom line.  If you want to reduce your chances of being eaten alive, stay out of  shark infested waters. Or at least don’t dive in smelling like bait.

5.) Silence is golden:  Oftentimes when drama comes my way, I exercise the Miranda rights and remain silent.  Nothing makes a drama queen or king feel worse than when they are ignored.  By choosing this tactic you keep the power in your hand.  You also lessen the chances of anything that you say being used against you in the court of public opinion.  Know in advance that you can’t reason with the unreasonable so there is no point in trying to get the clueless to see the light.  They won’t. 

Feel free to add your tips below.  Here’s to staying drama and sucker free this holiday season!

Wish List


Things I really want in no particular order:

1.) Tiff: I love these heels

2.) Kimmie: Loving these, too!

3.) And Ricki

4.) Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Boots: These are not really cute, but they look soooo cozy! Plus they would be great for running errands on a cold winter’s day.

Sheepskin Cuff Boot

*Note: I tried these on in Englin’s over the weekend, and while they were warm, I must admit, they look RIDICULOUS! But they looked cute on the model’s feet!

5.) Kindle 3G+ WiFi: It looks cool, it’s lightweight, and it’s another way for me to read.  Plus, you can get free books as well buy books and be able to read them in a matter of seconds.

Kindle Video

6.) Jewelry Armoire: What can I say? I need something to store my jewelry in!


Antique Walnut Armoire

7.) Kitchen Aid Mixer: Cause I like to bake.   

Kitchen Aid KSM150PSER Artisan Series Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

8.) The Flip: A nice memory maker for me and the dynamic duo


9.) Elephant Ring: This is from Rachel Roy and I just love this little guy/gal.  Isn’t it adorable?! And it’s pink.

10.) Earrings: I used to wear only one style of earring–diamond studs.  But I think I want to try other styles. These are both by Guess.

GUESS Earrings, Crystal Butterfly and Chain

GUESS Earrings, Crystal Tassel Drop

11.) Pink 4 Friday: Nicki Minaj’s new shade by MAC.  I tried a version of this on and surprisingly it is really pretty.  I received a ton of compliments. And it’s pink! But it is such a hot commodity that I doubt I’ll have her version.

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

12.) Bowling Ball: I enjoy bowling and it would be nice to have a ball of my own. And it’s pink and cute 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Brunswick Polyester Hearts Ball - Choose Weight - Dick's Sporting Goods