Cool Applications


I bought a Blackberry Tour a couple months ago and so far I like it.  Today I made my  way over to its web site and found many FREE, cool apps.  I downloaded, SuperPages, the Bible, The Weather Channel, Time magazine, 100,000 Free eBooks Wattpad, Snaptu, and White Noise Lite.

But be careful not to bog your phone down with too many  goodies as it can make it run slower.

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  1. ohhh, I love apps. I have the G1 and have so many fun ones. K-Boy also has his own screen for his apps. I just bought an iPod Touch and I am having so much fun with their apps. I have a birthday reminder one, TV guide and so many other fun things.


  2. ❤ my Blackberry and ❤ the apps! I have and the weather channel, too. There's a very cool one that is a voice, which tells you when you receive a text or email and who they are from – great when driving! I also have some other cool ones. 😀

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