Acts of Service


I wholeheartedly believe that we are to be of service to others.  Also, when you are experiencing problems, it helps take the focus off of those issues when you are helping others.  With that being said, I am intentionally becoming more conscientious about serving. 

In my prayer journal I’ve started to keep a log of how I am accomplishing this goal.  So far this week I have:

  • Edited papers and documents for friends
  • Provided groceries and money to a family member in need
  • Donated money to the Haiti Relief Fund
  • Wrote 2 letters of encouragement this week

How have you served lately?

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  1. Fantastic post, Morocco! I was just reading yesterday that a good way to be happier is to do things for others. We could all do more. 🙂

  2. I love this and have been thinking the same thing myself. I’ve been trying to not focus on myself and how busy I am and try to think about others more. It’s hard starting off but with most things, becomes easier the more you do it.

  3. Something that many people in the world forget. Our society is very “me” oriented. I love that you are so diverse in your serving. I tend to get hyper focused on a project or a person. It’s amazing how powerful a sweet letter can be.

  4. This is great that you are giving yourself credit for the meaningful things you’ve done as of late. Often, we tend to forget and focus on the things we HAVEN’T done. Good for you!

  5. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe in serving. My mother always told us that. In fact, she said to give the very thing that you need. If you need encouragement, encourage someone else. Most times you will encourage yourself by encouraging others. So, since I am having one of the toughest times of my life, I called & encouraged one of my friends who’s having a hard time also. She felt better & so did I.

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