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Back In The Saddle


Hello, I hope all is well with my dear friends! I know it has been awhile but I have been extremely busy. I am back in school working on obtaining my administrator’s license along with a graduate writing certificate. On top of that, I am in the process of potty training, working fulltime, and looking for high schools for Nic who will be a freshman next year! I am also preparing for a writing conference that I was asked to speak at in October.

Work has been messy to put things nicely. Four of our schools have been taken over by the state.  As a result of this, our Super, has decided that all secondary education teachers will receive pink slips on May 31st so that the employees who lost their jobs will have an opportunity for a position.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude, count my blessings, and just know that better days are ahead.  I am going to Miami for a few days during our intercession (two-week Fall break) now that we have moved to the year-around calendar.  That will give me an opportunity for some much needed mental and physical r&r.

Thank you all for continuing to stop by.  It is much appreciated.



I received three “surprise” blessings today:

  • I took Nicholas to the dentist (it was a blessing to even get in as when I called last week to make the appointment, they were booked until summer!  But when I called yesterday, someone had cancelled at the perfect time) and I did not have to pay the usual $40 copay.  I had an unexpected credit on my account!
  • I received a letter from the bank saying that I had quite an excess in my escrow account and I will be reimbursed soon!
  • A coworker surprised me with lunch!

These are all small things, but nevertheless, it feels so good for these things to  have happened to me!  I’m thankful!

Shoveling Tears


“…You will surely wear yourself out.  For this thing is too much for you; you are not able to perform it by yourself.” Exodus 18:18

The unpleasant part of snow is the act of shoveling it.  And with the twelve inches we received, there was a lot to clear.   I didn’t realize just how much until I was knee deep in it with my lone shovel.  My neighbors on both sides were out working as well.  One even had a snow plow but only cleared his driveway and the space in front of their house.

Looking at the couples working together made me so blue that I started crying.  It was another reminder for me that my husband was dead.  I turned up my Ipod and my resolve and tried to focus on finishing the daunting task of clearing our lengthy driveway.  My back and legs were starting to ache from heaving the heavy snow.

I had a ways to go when my neighbor from across the cul de sac came over, shovel in hand, and starting helping.  Much of the time we worked alongside one another in silence as day turned to dusk.  He encouraged me to go on in, but  I couldn’t leave him to do my job alone.   He had already worked a full day, shoveled his own drive, and then came to help with ours–three times the size of his. I felt:

  • Gratitude for his kindness
  • Sadness that my husband couldn’t shovel with me
  • Blessed that God put it on his heart to do so
  • Embarrassment for being a damsel in distress

I also wondered how I could pay him back?  I hate the feeling of “owing” someone.  Thank you just seems so…well, not enough.  But then I thought about a few  of the neighborly exchanges we’ve had over the years.  During the fall we would always send one of the boys over to help him in the yard.  I had also given his toddlers sons a barely used expensive train table.  And when his teenage son often lost his key, we always welcomed him to sit at our house until someone came home.

So maybe he was just paying it forward. 

I know I need to learn how to accept help and be okay with it.  Could this be why God keeps putting me in predicaments where I need assistance from others in order for me to get over myself?

Still, I think I’ll make cookies for him and his family to show my appreciation…



Today Nicholas is turning double digits–as he likes to say! To commemorate this day I have written a poem.


In a decade you have managed to kindle the fires of my heart. 

My sweet tart


The inception of your life was a sacred moment and I am most thankful


For I am blessed by your kindness, your intelligence, your zest for life


Sweet, funny, charismatic, compassionate




A talented artist, reader of tomes, awesome scholar, climber of trees, and everything in between

From child to tween

Your interests are varied—tae kwon do kicks to student counsel


So opinionated about current events

If it depended on you Obama would be president


You are for

All things STAR Wars


The Lego King

And Builder of many things

Especially dreams                                                                                       


The world is your canvas

No stone is left unturned

By your unbridled curiosity

Not even stitches could stop you from pursuing adventure


Our nightly devotionals are a highlight

After reading, a kiss, a tuck –in, and a flip of the nightlight


You truly make my heart melt


A “son” that shines brighter than all others


I feel lucky that I was chosen to be your mother


You represent the best of me and dad


a beautiful smiling soul


First my darling baby boy


Now my ten-year-old joy


How proud you must be


Of all you have accomplished


In just one decade.

My Shoes Are Your Shoes

One Shoe

One Shoe

Two Shoes

Two Shoes

Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Blue Shoes

Blue Shoes

New Shoes

New Shoes

 I had to begin with a tribute to Dr. Seuss!  But anyways, what inspired me to write this particular post was when I stopped to think about all the blessings that I have been gifted.   For instance, I have many pairs of shoes.  Even after giving away 25 plus pairs at the beginning of summer I still have an abundance.  I have more shoes than some people will ever have.  So I don’t mind sharing what I have with others.  It feels good to do so.

Realizing this I started looking at everything around me with a grateful heart.  As minute and trivial as it may sound, I also have a lot of…socks!  And t-shirts, pants, blouses, skirts, undergarments, coats, jackets, hosiery, lotions, creams, jewelry, pots, pans, silverware, a bed , heat, central air, a job, family, food, letters, cards, friends, vehicles, healthy kids (I hear rich people laughing!)…I could go on and on.  I just feel so humbled by it all.  I want to keep this feeling forever because gratitude feels so awesome! I AM THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING!

I’ve learned that there is nothing that I “have” to have.  I am thankful that I can distinguish between wants and needs.  I really want to buy a bigger house, but we don’t need one.  Just the fact that we have a house at all puts us ahead of many people in this world.   I’ve started looking at things differently, being creative I guess.  I have made it my mission to wear everything I own.  Not doing so is a waste of money, and if I’m not putting it to use, some else should be allowed to.  I’ve challenged myself to use what I have instead of trying to accumulate more stuff.  I’ve actually been having fun putting together outfits and discovering new (and old) pieces that have been tucked out of sight or neglected.

I would never label myself a “material girl” and I am most thankful for my intangible blessings.  Anytime I am thirsty I can turn a knob and drink until I am full.  I have an education that allows me to live comfortably.   I am free.  Alive.  I care for others.  I am giving.  In the words of Prince, “I’m rich on personality!”  This by far outweighs my material networth and I would have it no other way.  

I have been toying with the idea of having a “swap” meet with family and friends.  I have many things that I don’t use such as a milkshake maker and I can’t forget the salad spinner.  Or the Tea Drop.  Maybe I could trade those items with someone else for some treasure of theirs.  Anyone want a Milkshaker