I received three “surprise” blessings today:

  • I took Nicholas to the dentist (it was a blessing to even get in as when I called last week to make the appointment, they were booked until summer!  But when I called yesterday, someone had cancelled at the perfect time) and I did not have to pay the usual $40 copay.  I had an unexpected credit on my account!
  • I received a letter from the bank saying that I had quite an excess in my escrow account and I will be reimbursed soon!
  • A coworker surprised me with lunch!

These are all small things, but nevertheless, it feels so good for these things to  have happened to me!  I’m thankful!

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  1. I am so glad you had a blessed day, Morocco, you deserve it. I know that I love every single small blessing that I experience every single day, and reading your blog is one of them. 😀

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