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Love Blooms


Recently my husband and I started a tradition of buying plants in memory of lost loved ones.  They live indoors and out.  My Aunt Mary is a lovely red tulip that comes up every spring, the same season that she died.  His grandmother and my mother are both bamboo plants. 

Sometimes we used the flower arrangments from the service.  While I don’t have the greenest thumb, I always did my best to nurture and grow our “botanical” relatives. That  care included talking to them! 

My husband was tall, strong, and protected me from many things–much like a tree so that’s what he will be.  I have a few months to come up with just the right kind.



Today Nicholas is turning double digits–as he likes to say! To commemorate this day I have written a poem.


In a decade you have managed to kindle the fires of my heart. 

My sweet tart


The inception of your life was a sacred moment and I am most thankful


For I am blessed by your kindness, your intelligence, your zest for life


Sweet, funny, charismatic, compassionate




A talented artist, reader of tomes, awesome scholar, climber of trees, and everything in between

From child to tween

Your interests are varied—tae kwon do kicks to student counsel


So opinionated about current events

If it depended on you Obama would be president


You are for

All things STAR Wars


The Lego King

And Builder of many things

Especially dreams                                                                                       


The world is your canvas

No stone is left unturned

By your unbridled curiosity

Not even stitches could stop you from pursuing adventure


Our nightly devotionals are a highlight

After reading, a kiss, a tuck –in, and a flip of the nightlight


You truly make my heart melt


A “son” that shines brighter than all others


I feel lucky that I was chosen to be your mother


You represent the best of me and dad


a beautiful smiling soul


First my darling baby boy


Now my ten-year-old joy


How proud you must be


Of all you have accomplished


In just one decade.