This Time Around


Next June will be our 10 year anniversary.  We plan on having a ceremony to renew our vows.  I also want to have the children to participate.  I was thinking of a commitment ceremony that would include all three children.

Kierra was supposed to be a flower girl when we married in 1999.  Christine stalked (that is a post I’ll have to share on another day) us the day before wanting to pick Kierra up so she could not participate in the wedding.  Well she got her wish.  Kierra was not allowed to attend our wedding and she is still to this day upset about it.

The date will be on her weekend so this should not be a problem this time. 

I have a few ideas but would like some input.  I really want a simple ceremony with a few guests.  Then we want to have a big reception afterwards.

Oh, and I want the Godparents in the ceremony as well.

If anyone has ideas please send them my way!

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  1. Rhonda, congratulations to you and your husband on your soon to be 10 year anniversary!! I would like to help you with some input ideas on your ceremony, but being a guy (my excuse), I am a little weak in the wedding/ commitment ceremony planning area. 🙂  But I am happy for you, because these days most marriages don’t make it to five years, let alone 10 years. That shows a great commitment from both you and your husband to make the relationship work. So again, Congrats!!!! And where’s that reception party going to be at???? (SMILE)

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! When my husband and I got married we exchanged rings with our children, too. That was pretty cool, even though the kids both lost their rings, they still fondly remember that. I’ve also heard of each person having a different color of sand and mixing it together in a pretty vase to represent the blend of the family. I love small intimate ceremonies, I think they’re a lot more meaningful. Again, Congrats!!!! 😀

  3. Thank you all! We have had our moments most of them dealing with someone else. I bet you all can guess who. Oldfriend it does take a lot work and we both were willing to work overtime! We had to!

    I was thinking of having bracelets made for the kids. Ian might not like that so I might get him a watch instead. I am also worried about them losing the jewelry so I figured I would keep them in my jewelery box and just let the kids wear them on special occasions.

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