Innocent Bystander


This morning on the news one of the top stories was about a 12 year old boy who was shot in the back.  He was outside playing in the park near his house.  He is in critical condition.

Witnesses reported that a man shot at another man, missed him, and hit the 12 year old.

This happened around 7:30pm.  It is was daylight and chidren were outside playing.  This man had no regard about anything around him to shoot with people just standing around enjoying the evening.  And I am not, by any means, saying that he had a right to shoot at his target (some other man) in the first place.

The boy’s neighbors are outraged and so am I. 

My husband and I just had a serious conversation with Kierra about innocent bystanders getting hurt.  About two weeks ago Kierra went to a park after school to watch a fight.  No one knew where she was.  By accident she “told” on herself.  She was telling my husband about seeing her cousin at the park.  She told him why she was there and my husband was so upset.

He explained to her that she could have been seriously hurt by just being in the crowd.  Kids are not fighting with fists anymore.  They are carrying knives and guns around.  Not all kids–but just look at the news sometime.  There is always something going on in the news about kids stabbing or shooting each other.  And it’s all over the country.  Not just in some generalized “bad” location.

I am one of those overprotective parents.  Ian and Imani haven’t yet reached the age to go anywhere alone.  They could be hurt playing outside in our front yard.  We watch over them while they are playing.  But we are no match for a stray bullet.

Kierra is of age where she wants to hang out with her friends.  That’s what teenagers do.  We are constantly talking to her about doing the right things.  We encourge her to be a leader and not a follower.  But even with that, she could still be in harms way just by being an innocent bystander.  That goes for anyone. 

It just saddens me that this innocent child was hurt playing in the park by his house.


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  1. That is a horrible, tragic situation. It saddens me that so many people out there have such disregard for human life. My husband works in law enforcement and day after day he has to deal with people like this. They don’t even care about their own lives let alone the lives of anyone else. It makes me wonder what kind of home they were raised in. I think one of the most important things a parent can do is keep communication with their children open. We need to tell them “why” we are trying to protect and education them. I hate the “because I said so” system, it doesn’t work!

  2. That is tragically sad…and sadly that is the world we live in now. I just moved up from Southern California at the time that the train crashed, only to find out on the news that there’s a possibility the man was texting while running the train when he failed to stop at the red light?
    All you can do is encourage and communicate. From experience as a teenager I know sometimes it takes the hard way to learn, but hopefully the hard way isn’t tragic.

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