Every Room Needs a Mom


For the last few months I have served as the “room mom” for Nicholas’ grade.  I wish I had a room parent for my own classroom!  Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Calling and emailing parents for various reasons
  • Designing and decorating bulletin boards
  • Providing snacks and treats
  • Organizing parties
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Teaching “special” lessons

This allows me to contribute without taking too much time from work.  But our  school breaks are different from my son’s which gives me the ability to use a portion of my vacation to do some hands on work.  I also collect BoxTops for education.  What are ways in which you participate in your child’s education?

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  1. We collect box tops. I will be doing end of the year stuff since we’re on different schedules such as track and field day. I don’t do that much, but my husband, Taed, does a ton. He does stapling on Wednesday mornings (this is when Silicon Valley schools send out info.) so that it’s ONE packet as opposed to 2-12 sheets. He volunteered at the walk-a-thon to set up the field and then did various odd jobs. When our Spring Breaks have been different, I’ve been able to go in and “prep” May for Keb’s teacher. We’re also HUGE on supplies. We buy supplies x4 — just in case. This way the “class” has stuff, too. Anytime we see his teachers are running low, we get the supplies. After all, we want the teacher to focus on TEACHING not on worrying.

  2. We’re so blessed with my daughter’s little private school, all of the parents are SO involved, it’s fantastic! There is one mom, though, that does a lot more than the rest of us, and thank God for her. I feel so fortunate that I am allowed to be as involved as I am.

    You DO need a room mom, Morocco. I don’t think it should stop in elementary school.

  3. I absolutely can’t believe you don’t have a room mom. Do you mean to tell me there isn’t one person who doesn’t “have time?” That’s pitiful. When my boys were young, there were so many volunteers that some years names were just drawn out of a hat. I did it every year I could. It was such nice time with my boys as well as their peers. I think if parent’s don’t take time to spend it with their kids, they will be very sorry one day.

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