The Second Shift


For the last couple of months, my husband has been working the second shift.  By the time he gets home, which is well past 9pm, I am usually in the bed.  He has made the change so that he can put Evan on the bus in the morning when he comes home.  This too, gives him a window of time to pick Evan up if he is having trouble at school.  If he makes it past 11am, Evan is usually okay for the day. 

Therefore it’s just the kids and I.  I get to monitor/help with homework, pick up Nicholas from football practice and Jazmine from the sitter’s, tidy the house, cook dinner, entertain, and everything else in between.  Not to mention all the prep work that I do for school.  I feel like I work a second shift, too (I actually read a book in my college sociology class about this very phenomenon called The Second Shift)!

I do miss my husband.  I am not used to him being gone in the evenings.  The only time that we basically get to spend together is on the weekends.  But then the weekends consist of the many chores that we don’t have time to do during the work week.  The weekends fly by so fast and it’s soon time to get ready for the daily grind…again.

I have two days for Fall Break, today is one of them.  This morning I took Nicholas to school and attended his 7am parent/teacher conference.  When I got home, I slept for an hour before dropping Jazmine off at the sitter’s and my husband at work.  His car is running funny and we don’t want to aggravate the problem.  Then I spent an hour or so working on my friend’s computer before  going to my hair appointment. 

Afterwards I waited for Jazmine to be dropped off (they were at McDonald’s when I went to pick her up) so that we could go to her doctor’s appointment.  Next I had to swing by the sitter’s (again) to get Jazmine’s belongings.

In twenty minutes football practice will be over so I’ll grab Nicholas.  Thankfully, a coworker agreed to bring my husband home tonight.

Tomorrow I plan to take Jazmine to visit her mom.  I also have to get the grocery shopping done.  And I would like to rake a few bags of leaves before they totally engulf us.  I might end the day by watching Bend It Like Beckham and taking notes.  My kids will be studying this film for its cultural aspects and I would like to see it before I show it.

I am the original do-it-yourselfer.  If something needs to be done, by golly, I’m your girl.  I really have trouble allocating tasks as you can see.  If I can do it, I don’t see any reason to ask anyone else.

Maybe I will get to relax one of these days, eh?  However, I think I might take a personal day or two here in the near future!


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  1. Girl, you DO need a break!!! I used to be the do-it-aller at my house, too, but since my husband has been working his 2nd shift, I have delegated A LOT of the responsibilities to him. He now realizes how much stress this has taken off of me and is really happy to be able to do more.

    I hope you get some you time very soon. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more!

  2. Second Shift? Is that what it’s called?

    I know exactly what you mean. My hubby works second shift also – 1:30pm – 10:00pm. He works 6 days straight and then has 3 days off. When he gets off – I’m sleep, when I leave in the morning – he’s sleep.

    Which means I’m the one doing everything for the kids – getting them up and off to school, picking them up from school, helping with homework, taking them to after-school functions and to things at the church, and doing chores.

    I had made the comment once that 6 days out of the week I feel like a single parent. That comment didn’t go over so well with my hubby.
    The girls and I love when he has his 3 days off.

  3. It’s called finding balance in business. More challenging then one thinks. I am not a delegator, so can totally relate. I too,can take on too much at times, then become overwhelmed. It is important, to find the time, to have some “me time” as well.

  4. I got tired just reading your post! You certainly are busy. I think you SHOULD take a personal day…take a few! You need them! You will be rejuvenated and able to take on the tasks once more.

  5. I’m with you. Let’s take some personal days. We can schedule a massage, facial, and pedicure. Then I want to just sit and read (or knit.)

    Instead I think I volunteered to produce Mulan today (while I am directing Life School Musical at church). What was I thinking?

    One thing that I notice though is that you spend a lot of time making time for the kids to continue their personal relationships. I commend you for that. You show the kids on a regular basis how much you value and respect them by doing things like that. They can’t appreciate it now, but someday when they have kids of there own…

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