My Names


Nicholas usually calls me Mom.  Sometimes he calls me Mama or Mommy. 

Mom reminds me that he is growing up.

I love it best when he calls me Mommy.  It makes me reminisce about his baby days.  But it is equally sweet when he calls me Mama.  I picture myself as a Mama bear, and he of course, is my little cub. 

He has created nicknames for me–“Mother-of-Pearl” and “Mutter” (mother in German).  Lately he has been calling me “Mother Goose” and “Mama Mia.”

Jazmine calls me “Mymom.”  She oftens hears Nicholas referring to me in this manner.

To my husband I am “Baby” or “Boobie” and sometimes “Moroccan.”

Evan and Ethan know me simply as Morocco.  But on occassion, Evan has called me Mommy, Mom, and/or Stepmama.

Which do you prefer?  Do your children have any pet names for you?

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  1. I love this post. Our little daughter is 8 and she calls me mom most of the time. Sometimes she reverts to mommy and I absolutely love that. In our family we have a lot of nicknames for each other. My husband is Manny, nicknamed by the 8 year old. Over the summer my stepdaughter, 14, started calling me “the coolest person ever”. That made me feel so special. We call the 8 year old punkin’ and the 14 year old sissy. My husband calls me hota$$! ha ha

    Such a nice change of pace for a very dysfunctional week! Thanks, Morocco. =)

  2. My oldest is all about ‘mom now…but my middle is mom or mommy and my youngest is mama. I respond to all. However, I will not respond to ‘sugar’….when they start to repeat what they hear my husband call me! 🙂

  3. Isn’t funny how children pick up on things the adults say and do?

    Kierra calls me Mommy. Imani calls me Mommy. Ian just started calling me Mommy. I love hearing “Mommy!”

    Imani is now calling my husband the nickname I call him. It is so cute!

  4. I am “Mama” usually. However as they get older, whenever we are in front of others, it is becoming increasingly, “Mom.” Makes me kind of sad.

  5. Mom is what my teens call me most of the time. Every once in awhile they slip and call me Mommy. I love to hear it.

    My step kids call me by my first name. I am happy with that. My kids call my husband by his first name. Since our kids were older when we got married it has just been natural for them to call their step parent by their first name.

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