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Calling All Pounds


This post might sound odd considering that most people want to lose and not gain weight.  I am on the other end of the spectrum!  I am not malnourished but any means, but I am petite.  I know genetics play a role in body mass, but some of it is environmental.  I am a notoriously picker eater and often opt out of eating if it is something that I do not like or find visually appealing.  Nor do I like my food to touch!  Also I have been dancing for twenty years which I believe has helped keep me thin.  I can fit sizes between 2-6 depending on the designer. 

Since my husband died I have been struggling to maintain a healthy appetite.  The first week I didn’t eat a single morsel, I only drank teas and juices.  After that I would eat maybe once a day if that.  I was still taking my two Hannah Montana gummy multivitamins but I was still extremely weak, inundated by headaches, irritable, and emotional.  Food was too hard to consume as it brought back a lot memories and I had no desire to do so.  I took no comfort any food because my husband was not there to break bread with me.  And eating was the least of my concerns.

I’ve lost between 10-15 pounds, and if you didn’t know me, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell.  I do not look emaciated, but I am a lot thinner than I used to be.  Lately I have a more conscious effort to eat because I don’t want to make myself sick (or look sick).

I would like to gain 20-30 pounds.  I like seeing fullness in my face and figure; I am 31 not 13!.  In an effort to get my weight back up, below are a few measures I have taken to do this! 

Log It:  I keep track of what I am eating in a small notebook.  This allows me to know how many daily calories I have.  I read that in order to gain a pound, one must consume roughly 3500 calories to gain a single pound and 2000 just to maintain your current weight.  Therefore I try to take in an extra 500 calories per day so that I may gain one pound per week. 

Top It Off: I add topping to foods to grab a few extra calories.  I’ll crown my yogurt with granola, ice-cream with carmel sauce, fries with shredded cheese, ect.

No Skipping:  This is so tempting for me because I don’t build a lot of time in the morning to eat breakfast.  But I try to keep a granola bar or a piece of fruit in my school bag so that I can have something in my stomach.

Small But Mighty:  It is intimidating seeing a lot of food on a plate, so lately I have been trying to eat six small meals a day.  Plus I do a lot of “grazing” in between. 

Keep Snacks in Your Shack:  Eat snacks in between meals.  I prefer healthy ones because they make you feel better over all.  You won’t have to worry about coming “down” from a sugar rush.  This snacks in between meals also provide extra calories.

Give Yourself a Boost–Literally: I drink Boost Plus for an added 360 calories.  Carnation Instant Breakfast is also a good, quick way to get extra calories.

Have It Your Way:  This is very important to do when you have a decreased appetite.  Recently I have sacrificed a well-balanced diet for the sake of food consumption.  I eat whatever I like, when I like.  Luckily for me I like fruits and vegetables!  Sometimes it’s okay to let your taste buds dictate the day.

Hold the Drink: I tend to get “full” from beverages so I combat this by waiting until I have finished eating before drinking.  I used to get the strangest looks at restaurants when I declined ordering a bevearge.  Simply put, the drink becomes my “food” and I am too full to eat.

If you guys have any other tips, I’d love to hear them!