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Mixed Messages


While eating dinner tonight I received a text message from Eliza’s sister’s phone.  It read:

Hi Morocco tell Nicholas Ethan says hi

I was surprised…and pleased.  I excused myself from the dinner table and went into my bedroom.  I started to cry.  Today I just felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and did not expect this.  I shakily responded with emotion:

Hi baby!  I love and miss you boys very much!  I hope you two never forget about us! I’m sending Evan many birthday wishes tomorrow! Nicholas said hey and he misses and loves you both! Always your stepmom, Morocco

The response:

Next time we are in town can we  come get our things. p.s next time we are in town can we come see u and nicholas call after u text back (They were in town last week and their aunt did not attempt to call, text, or allow them to visit us.  Why didn’t she try to get their stuff then?)

Of course! Anytime, your father’s home is always you and Evan’ shome.  We will call after dinner.

Then I started wondering if Ethan even sent the text in the first place?  I found it odd that he immediatedly asked for their things.  It has almost been three months.  I hope by now the aunt has purchased new clothes for them.  Plus, the uncle had told me that they did not need any items from our house because he bought all new stuff for them.  Had they did things the right way and not sent the police to my house at 1:30am; they would have had their possessions already.

I had only been back at the table for ten minutes or so when my phone rang and it was them.  They called two more times,  and sent a text saying PLEASE CALL.  Five minutes or so later, I got this text:

Morocco what is the new home number so I can call

I have decided that I will pack their things up and take them to Eliza’s cousin’s house (with the cousin’s permission).  I do not want her family at my home nor can I even stand the sight of her sister.  And I don’t want the boys thinking that I am holding their stuff.  I’m sure it would bring them comfort to have it.  Then maybe her familywill leave me alone once and for all!  I am not going to give them the home number because I don’t want that family calling! 

But I am glad I had an opportunity to say a little of what I was feeling even if it was just the aunt who was really texting me.  I know I have to let them go and I have already made peace with it.