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13: From Tween to Teen


Last Friday we celebrated Ethan’s 13th birthday.  My gift to him was room make-over, something that was a long time coming.  I bought new bedding, valances, a shelf, storage bins, and framed art.  I also used things that Evan made in art therapy.  We sent Ethan outside to play baseball while we got busy cleaning and redecorating.  After we finished the room looked great!  He also got a couple of new outfits and a baseball game for the PSII.  I think he was really pleased even though he simply said thank you.  I am learning that this just may be the kind of personality that he has.  He has a hard time showing emotion–whether it be happiness or sadness.


Right before we left out for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise, Ethan’s middle brother called and I answered the phone.  He did not ask to speak to Ethan; instead he asked if we had intentions of celebrating Ethan’s birthday.  I found this to be a strange question coming from an 11-year-old child.  It sounded like something an adult would inquire about.  I replied that we indeed had plans.  He didn’t respond and just held the line so I told him that I would have Ethan call him later.


I hate to sound so suspicious, but I’m sure Eliza put him up to making that call.  Why though?  At the last visit she discussed how she thought that birthday parties were overrated (I believe her new way of thinking has a lot to do with the deadly incident that happened at the last birthday party that she crashed.).  I agreed and talked about the Birthdays Without Pressure movement.  I told her that our approach was low key and more family oriented for such celebrations.  Therefore she should have concluded from that conversation that we were planning on doing something.  It’s almost like she doesn’t trust us enough to nurture and celebrate the children.  What gives?  This caused me to ruminate over our situation and I reached an obvious conclusion that I will post about tomorrow.