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Farewell Peyton


Let me start off by saying that I am not a sports fanatic by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy watching them from time to time, ALWAYS rooting for the home teams (Colts and Pacers). So I was a little bothered to see that Jim Irsay chose not to keep Peyton Manning. Yeah, I understand that it is “business”, but after 14 years it should be more than that. It is not as if he took the year off to pursue hedonistic activities.

I guess it bothers me how dispensable people are and reminds me of my job. Every secondary teacher in our state’s largest school system will receive pink slips by April 1st. We are being evaluated, heavily scutinized and critiqued. It’s getting petty and ugly. Teachers are being written up for being a few seconds late (literally) to midday meetings or if they are “caught” sitting in the classroom.

And no, I don’t make a fraction of what Peyton makes. But I can relate to being the subject of scutiny and disposed for something better. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with the “team.” I think I can safely speak for the majority of our city when I say that he will be missed.

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Go Tigers!


Today was Nicholas’ final game for the championship.  The Tigers started off strong.  However, they ended up losing the game by a touchdown and a field goal.

The final score

The final score

Understandably the kids were crushed.  They still managed to do their rallying cry “Who has fire in the belly? We do!” after their defeat.  A few of the kids had tears in their eyes, my son included.

After the loss

After the loss

I really wanted the boys to win.  They had a great team and only lost one game their entire season.  They made it to the very end.  I was glad to see the coaches and us parents reinforcing that they were still winners regardless.  The head coach had a celebration for the boys at his house afterwards. 

But there was a lesson in this loss.  It showed the kids that it is not always possible to win for whatever reason.  Learning this concept early on is a good thing.  I never want my son to be shattered by a loss of any kind.  It’s okay to be disappointed but not depressed.  I hope we are cultivating this attitude in Nicholas. 

I was proud at how we all came together to remind the boys of the importance of maintaining a winning attitude.  I went around congratulating both teams.  One player’s mom had her arm around Nicholas as she reminded him that they still had next year.  He smiled at this thought and it was a beautiful thing.

Go Tigers!!!!



Yesterday was Nicholas’ first football game.  The weather was nice and crisp and the players were excited.  Nicholas looked so handsome in his gear.

The Tigers were leading 25 to 0.  Nic was playing the position of defensive end.  His job was to stop the other team from scoring.  My son is a fast runner and was doing a good job keeping this huge kid at bay.

Until…the kid tackled him so hard that Nic flew at least a couple feet into the air!  My heart was racing because he did not get up immediatedly.  I jumped to my feet but my husband and his brother remained seated.  I was ready to race onto the turf (my husband looked horrified at this notion) when the coach helped him walk off the field.  He looked like the hit really hurt!

My husband said that he only got the wind knocked out of of him!  He was limping a bit but he appeared okay so I sat down.

My baby, the football player.