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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times


Reading Stacy’s lastest post inspired me to review the year.  Here is a list of  the best and worst things that happened in my life during the year of our Lord, 2008:


1.  Our family vacation in the Wisconsin Dells

2.  Getting Jazmine

3.  My class being featured on the news

4. Full Moon

5. Becoming stronger in my faith

6. I remained healthy

7. I made it through the year financially solvent

8. Turning 30

9. Weekend getaways with my husband

10. Nicholas playing football and winning 2nd place City Champs.


1.  My mother dying

2.  My husband dying

3.  Losing Ethan and Evan

4.  Dealing with Eliza’s family

5. Dealing with Eliza’s accusations, paranoia, and flucuating moods

6.  My cousin’s breast cancer diagnosis

7.  My friend’s breast cancer returning

8.  Jazmine’s hair getting chopped off

9.  The massive, stressful changes at work

10. My wedding ring being stolen at work