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Annie Get Your Gun!


I have always been wary of guns even though I know it is the person behind the weapon that I should be most afraid of.  Guns alone can do no harm.  But still, they scare me!

I have never had the desire to own a gun.  My  husband tried to reason with me as to why it was necessary to have one.  I thought it was too dangerous considering we had a houseful of growing, curious boys.  I felt safe with him there even sans gun.  Therefore, out of respect for me, he relunctantly gave up his second amendment right.

Now I am starting to see things differently.  What would I do if someone happened to invade our home?  How would I defend myself and the little ones? 

In December I applied for a gun permitt and received it Saturday. A month ago my friend Kara and I shot our first ever firearm.   I was so nervous!  The shooting range was very loud and unsettling.  It was a solemn moment as I pondered the power of guns.  I was determined to educate myself about them.  My first shot was straight to the heart.  

I am considering purchasing one for protection.  Though I would hate to have to use it on anyone, someone might not have the same feelings about using it on myself or the children.