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Getcha Head in the Game!


Okay, I’m trying to get myself geared up and my boys pepped up for the upcoming school year.  In order to do so, I’ve started my homework a little early before the rat race begins.  Any additional tips would be appreciated greatly.  Here is what I already do:

  • I begin the year off by cooridinating all calendars.  We have three kids at three different schools so I create a master calendar with info from their schools along with my school schedule, activity dates, and personal dates.  I don’t like to be surprised by last minute events.
  • I iron all clothes for the week which saves time in the morning.  Nicholas is easy to dress because he wears uniforms.
  • Before starting homework the kids hang any notices pertaining to school events on the huge cork board in our garage.  Next to it is a tray for permissions slips and/or notes from the teacher that I quickly read and sign and give back to them to place in their homework folders.  If money is required I place it in a labeled envelope along with the permission slip. 
  • After the kids complete their homework they are expected to put all materials back in their packs.  Then Ethan places his on a wicker storage unit in our garage so that he can grab it on the way out.  Nicholas places his my car because I drive him to school, while Evan places his in my husband’s car because he has to be dropped off at the sitter’s to wait for the bus.  I also place Jazmine’s restocked diaperbag in the car as well.
  • Nicholas is responsible for emptying out his lunchbox and placing it on the counter for the next day.
  • I now pay for Ethan and Evan’s lunch online.  Last year Evan started getting “creative” with his lunch money and racked up quite a debt before we were made aware.
  • I get physicals for any sport they are interested in playing before school begins.
  • I start purchasing school supplies the first week of July.  I am thankful that Nicholas’ school sends home their list at the end of the school year for the upcoming year.
  • We have a bedtime ritual for the younger ones.  About an hour before bed I fix Sleepytime tea, then they shower, I read a devotional, pray, and then I turn on a CD of relaxing music.  This works like a charm for Nicholas.
  • To encourage the children to get out of bed at the first prompting, we do not pay for them to eat breakfast at school.  They know if they want to sleep in that they risk missing breakfast.  I try to keep the selection appetizing by offering  a variety of choices such as: toaster streudels, fresh fruit, bagels, cereal, granola bars, yogurt, or breakfast sandwiches and wraps in any combination that they like.  And because they are typically hungry in the morning they get right up.  Surprisingly enough they don’t gripe about this.  For an occasional treat I will get up earlier than usual and bake cinnamon buns.