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Monaco v. Morocco


I have a confession to make; I, too have a dark side.  I am not always nice, considerate, polite, and sweet.  I’ll refer to that other side as Monaco.

Sometimes I am petulant.

I can be impatient.




Spoiled even

Monaco tends to rear her ugly head when I am feeling tired, annoyed, stressed, insecure, threatened, jealous, or unappreciated.  So you see, it doesn’t take a lot to make her presence known.

In my Monaco moments, I want to put the smackdown on Eliza.  I don’t want to be peaceful–I want all out vengeance.  I want to knock her in the head and scratch her eyes out!  When I am feeling Monaco…watch out world!

I don’t like Monaco but she sure seems to like me.  Luckily I have more control over her than she has over me!  But I have to admit, she gives me one hell of a workout!