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The Party Was A Success!!!


We had a blast!

The night before the party, Kierra downloaded Spongebob music onto a CD.  We played the CD the entire party…well almost!  Imani loves to dance so toward the end we turned to a local radio station so she could get her groove on!

My house was transformed into Bikini Bottom!  Kierra taped blue and teal streamers  into the doorways to look like water.  I made jellyfish out of pink ballons filled with helium.  On each balloon I colored red circles on top and attatched red curling ribbon to the bottom for the tentacles.  I also had a huge helium Spongebob balloon floating around.  It would just appear out of nowhere.  My husband and his friend were following behind it laughing just like Spongebob.

We had Crabby Patties (a regular hamburger patty with all the fixings), hotdogs, fishsticks, and chips.  All the children wanted Crabby Patties of course!  Even the adults thought the Crabby Patties were awesome!  For the punch, I froze blue juice with a red jellyfish gummy into icecube trays.  I then poured Pinapple pop over the icecube.  The mixture turned green.  The children really liked the surprise in the bottoms of their cups.

We played catch the jellyfish.  I got this game from the party store.  In the package was a giant poster of Spongebob and Patrick with nets, along with stickers of jellyfish.  The jellyfish had a line for names on each one.  The objective of the game is just like “pin the tail.”  Whoever placed their sticker closest to the nets won the game.  The prizes were bubbles…since Spongebob and Patrick love to blow bubbles!  We also played musical chairs and limbo.

Imani opened her gifts.  She recieved a lot of money!  We took pictures of her opening the gifts and also had her pose with the giver. 

Then it was time for icecream and cake.  I ordered a Spongebob Cupcake Cake.  It was so cute!  I liked the cupcake cake better than a sheet cake. 

Each guest recieved a party bag which included a Spongebob pencil, a Spongebob tattoo, Spongebob Fruit Snacks, Red Jellyfish Gummies, and a variety of candy.

I had planned on showing some episodes of Spongebob but by the time we finished all the games and dancing it was getting late.

The party turned out better than I originally thought!  Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Imani


Imani turns 5 tomorrow.  Since Ian’s birthday in September , she has been asking when her birthday is coming.  I informed her that it was five months away.  Once a week Imani inquired about how much time she had until her birthday.  Well it’s finally here.

My husband and I asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday party.  She promptly told me that she wanted Spongebob.  Spongebob?  I asked again just to make sure Spongebob is what she said.  Yep, Spongebob!  I tried to direct her attention to Dora The Explora or even Tinkerbell.  Nope, she wants Spongebob so Spongebob it is. 

I was quite bummed.  Not that I dislike Spongebob but I was looking forward to a girlie girl party.  Ian’s party was a combination of Spiderman and Transformers.  Ian’s party went over well.  In September it was still pretty warm outside.  I was thrilled with the weather because that meant the children were outside most of the party.

Well, this is February and  it snowed this week.  I was trying to find out what to do for an insde party.  I went online and found some good idea’s on Spongebob themed parties.  Of course, most of the ideas were geared toward outdoor water activities.  So I had to improvise. 

Look for my next post on how the party turned out!

Happy Birthday!


Ian turned six last week.  It is our tradition to go out to dinner on the birthday no matter what.  Usually we make reservations at Benihana’s and invite family and friends.  This year we asked Iam where he would like to eat.  Afterall, he is six and might want to go to Chuckie Cheese for dinner.

Much to our surprise he opted for Olive Garden instead.  I just knew we were headed to Chuckie Cheese.  Darn!!!  I was looking forward to visiting with Chuckie himself!

On the way to school the morning of his birthday, Ian changed his mind.  He decided on Benihana’s so he could wear the balloon hat and dance.  My husband takes them to school so I had no idea this conversation took place until mid day. 

I called my husband on my lunch break and he told me about the change in plans.  He said that Ian and Imani were in the back seat arguing about where to go.  Ian told her it was his birthday and he could go where ever he wanted to go.  Imani really had her heart set on Olive Garden and was trying her best to get him to go there for dinner.

After school, Imani did not forget the earlier argument.  “Ian we are going to Benihana’s for Daddy’s birthday.  I want Olive Garden Ian.  You said that first anway.  I want to go to Olive Garden Ian.  Mommy, how much longer is my birthday?  I want to go to Olive Garden.”

Imani was fine after we arrived at Benihana.  She even helped Ian dance when the restaraunt staff sang to Ian.

On Sunday, we gave him a big birthday party.  Our friends and their children were invited along with our neighbors.  We grilled and had cupcakes instead of a cake.  The kids loved this idea.  Husband found the cupcakes with toy Spiderman and Transformer rings sticking out of the icing. 

Ian’s birthday wish was to have a Bakugan.  When he first told me what he wanted I had no idea what he was talking about.  My husband asked one of the older boys on our street if he knew what Ian wanted.  He had one and showed the toy to my husband.  When my husband went to find it at the store the sales clerk told him that the store could not keep it on the shelf.  I ran around on Saturday looking for the toy.  I finally found what I was looking for.  Luckily they had just a few left so I grabbed what they had.

Ian’s eyes lit up as he opened each one.  I’m still not sure what it does even after watching him play with the Bakugan.  It really makes no sense to me.  But hey, if he’s happy, I’m happy!