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Scary Movie


I like scary movies, although I am very easily spooked.  I am the type of person, who after watching a scary movie, will jump at my own shadow.  It really doesn’t take a lot to chill me as long as it’s not too cheesy (Saw).  If so, I will examine and highlight its corniness to death.

I am afraid of Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and the thing on the Jeepers Creepers movie.  These are monsters that creep me out!

The Shining really leaves me shaking–it is too real!  I can see this movie being more than fiction as truth is stranger than fiction!  Jack Nicholson is a true thespian.  He is Johnny!!!  This is the number one scary movie in my opinion.

Speaking of Nics’, once when Nicholas was about five-years-old my aunt kept him for a few hours.  Upon arriving to pick him I was dismayed to see that he and his cousins were sprawled around the tv watching Darkness Falls.  I was sure that he would have nightmares as a result of this.  I had saw the movie a couple of weeks prior and of course, was scared to the bone!  How could my five-year-old not be?  However, Nicholas was not at all frightened.  Instead he analyzed the entire movie so much that it sounded more like a comedy film instead of horror once he had finished dissecting it.

Some other scary movies that gave me nightmares include:

Haute Tension-This had me sweating!

Helter Skelter-I know this is not truly considered a scary movie, but to me it was the ultimate horror film.

Poltergist-“Come into the Light, Carol Ann!”

Stay Alive-Small wonder I am not a big fan video games.

The Devil’s Rejects-This movie was so disturbingly scary!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Left me feeling so yucky, mutilated, and violated! 

28 Days Later-Just the barren, eerie cinematography alone was enough for moi!

The Exocerist-Twisting heads, scary faces, bile, and curse words–need I say more?

The Ring-It was enough to keep me away from the tv for weeks.

The Devil’s Advocate-Al Pacino really had me convinced that he was Old Scratch he was so “devilishly handsome!”

Suspiria-One of my students who was into old 70’s horror flicks thought I might like it due to it being set in a ballet school.  I would not want to be trained at that studio!

Wrong Turn-Those things were soooo ugly–and crazy!

When a Stranger Calls-I was thankful that we did not have an upstairs after watching this one!

I’m sure that there are many more that I could add to the list.  But these are the first that popped in my head.  Tell me, what scary movie gets your heart racing? Take this here quiz to see if you could survive a scary movie!  No surprises here because I was labeled a “scaredy cat” and died in the first thirty minutes of the movie!