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Keep On Keeping On


Move on up
towards your destination
You may find
from time to time
Bite your lip
and take a trip
Though there may be
wet road ahead
You cannot slip
So move on up
and peace you will find
Into the steeple
of beautiful people
Where there’s only one kind

Just move on up
and keep on wishing
Remember your dreams
are your only schemes
So keep on pushing
Take nothing less –
not even second best
And do not obey –
you must have your say
You can pass the test  

~Curtis Mayfield “Keep On Moving”

I am working hard to keep a positive attitude.  Some days are better than others.  It’s hard right now because I am very tired and my temper is short.  But I know I have to do things to keep myself floating.  When I am feeling extremely fragile I avoid people like Tasha who will drain the life right out of you.  I listen to motivational music such as the song above.  I pray.  I clean. Sleep.  Sometimes I write or bake.  Most importantly, I keep on moving.