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I Even Dream of Them


I had another weird dream.  This time it was about Jazmine.  Eliza’s sister (who has the boys) took Jazmine from me (as she did with the boys).  She told my aunt that she could keep Jazmine during the summertime.

Maybe this means that Eliza’s sister will allow my SIL to keep the boys for the summer. Who knows?  These people continue to haunt me…

Power Ball


If I won the lottery I would…

  1. Pay Sallie Mae, credit card debts, and any other debts I owe
  2. Make some home improvements, pay off, and give my house away
  3. Create college funds for all the kids
  4. Take my students on one awesome “learning ” vacation!
  5. Purchase headstones for the many people I know who don’t have them
  6. Help friends, family, and neighbors
  7. Buy a car (no payments!)
  8. Vacation in Tahiti, Hawaii,  Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Morocco, and Moscow
  9. Invest
  10. Donate
  11. Pay my frend’s expensive copays for her chemo treatments
  12. Purchase a bus for Nicholas’ school
  13. Host a Stepmom Retreat and invite ALL of you!

I wouldn’t do anything wild and I’m sure my list resembles that of the average joe.  You know, I don’t even think I’d quit my job.  However, I would take the rest of the year off!  Eventually I would return to the classroom and use my teaching salary to help provide quality learning experiences.