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All I Want for Christmas Is You

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With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been wanting to hear some of my favorite carols. They include:

1. The Little Drummer Boy-I really love this one for its message! The little drummer boy had nothing extravagant to bring to the baby Messiah other than his drumming talent. Beautiful.

2. Silent Night (Temptations version)-Love this one, especially the falsetto part. This was also a favorite of my grandmother’s.

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)-I love this song! It’s so catchy.

4. The Greatest Time of Year (Ally and AJ)-Cute, fun, and festive!

5. Let It Snow (Boys II Men)-I love this rendition as well. It sounds so pretty.

6. The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)Just classic

7. This Christmas (Donny Hathaway)-So intimate and soulful

8. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee)-Fun and festive

9. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas Time? (The Emotions)-Sentimental yet realistic

10.) White Christmas (Bing Crosby)-Because white Christmas’ are the best ones!

What do you want to hear?

Wishlist Update


Howdy Y’all! For Christmas I received three things from my list:

1.) Kindle: When I first opened it, I was not impressed.  It is so lightweight that it feels flimsy.  But once I put it in its case, that took care of that.  I also had to get used to the idea of reading in such a nontraditional way.  I ordered my first book, “The Help” and was manually trying to turn the pages as I read! Overall, I do like it.  It just takes some getting used to.

2.) Pink Friday: This is the MAC lipstick designed by Nicki Minaj.  I tried it on and let me tell you–it looks RIDICULOUS on me!!!! If you have some Pepto Bismol at home, smear some on your lips.  This is what it looks like, lol!

3.) Earrings: I got the Guess Crystal Tassel Drop ones.  They are really pretty and shimmery and I love they way they look.  However, they are sooooo heavy–so much that I lost one because it slipped out of my ear! I was so steamed that I wrote an email to Guess.  They basically brushed me off.  I might boycott their products.

Out of the 3, the Kindle is the undisputed winner.