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I won this award!

Thank you for this delightful award!  If you are reading this, that means your blog is fabulous, too!  Here are five things that I find fabulous (in no particular order):

1.  Taking photographs:  I really love snapping shots, the more candid, the better.

2.  Trying new foods:  Sunday I went out to dinner with the women in my family.  We ate at a new place called The Journey.  It is advertised as the largest seafood, prime rib, and sushi buffet.  The menu featured exotic items such as: jellyfish, octupus, frog legs, salmon skin salad, and tripe salad to name a few.  But I also like trying new products in general.  If I buy something I don’t like, I simply pass it on to someone else.  Sometimes I’ll even bring it to the students–they don’t turn anything down but their collars!

3.  Blogging: I like this forum because it allows me to process my experiences, hone my writing skills, and meet great people all at the same time.

4. The Bible: Well, they don’t call it the good book for nothing! Sometimes I am astounded by how practical the advice is in the Bible.  It is truly is chock full of wisdom.

5.  Friends: I’m so very thankful to everyone who has in one way or another allowed me to lean upon them.  I can only hope that one day I can extend the courtesy.




Evolution-a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development

We have evolved.  Rhonda and I have both decided to change the name of our blog.  We feel that our new name is broader than the first.  However, our URL still remains the same.  Don’t worry, we are still “ommies” and we will continue to post on these issues, as well as what our tagline reads the other phases of life.   We hope that you all will continue to be apart of our evolutionary journey!