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I’ll Have a Lemon Mojito, Please


Yesterday my son’s 5th grade class had lunch at Benihana’s.  They won this privilege after donating the most pounds of pasta to Second Helpings.  I asked Nicholas about his experience.  He told me how much he loved seeing the cool tricks performed by the chef. 


Upon entering the restaurant, he noticed an advertisement for a beverage, a Lemon Mojito to be exact.  Used to seeing Trader Joe’s (non-alcoholic) Sparkling Mojito in our fridge, he simply thought it was a lemon version of this same drink.


When it was Nicholas’ turn to order his beverage, “I’ll have a Lemon Mojito, please”  he said.  Amused I  asked what he teacher thought about his premature request.  She said “Well, I don’t think your quite old enough for that drink,” as she explained to him that it contained alcohol!

At least he said “please!”


A Coke and a Smile


One of my favorite beverages is Coca-Cola classic.  Many of my friends favor Pepsi, but I’m a coke fan.  I especially like it bottled, though I love McDonald’s fountain coke as well.  It gives me a happy rush!

I also like tea.  My southern roots come out for sweet tea.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone would want unsweetened tea?!  That’s like having peanut butter without the jelly.  Or Tom without Jerry–just obscene!  I like  Arnold Palmer and Boston tea (half cran, half tea).  At our house we drink it with all meals.

You can’t go wrong with hot tea.  I like it with heavy cream and lots of sugar (try this with an orange or tangerine flavored tea and it takes just like an orangesicle).  My Starbuck’s drink of choice is a green tea latte shot and whipped (an extra shot of melon flavoring and topped with whipped cream).

I like to make hot chocolate from scratch–that includes the whipped cream, too.  No packets of powdered concoctions for me!  When I make it for the boys, I automatically top it with home made whipped cream and provide an array of garnishes including mini-chocolate chips, marshmallows, candy spinkles, small bits of fruit, and caramel or fudge syrup.  For me, making hot chocolate is an art that I relish!

I love Snapple’s banana juice although it is hard to find.  I also like their pear juice.  Plus Minute Maid’s Orangeaid is so refreshing and yummy!  Speaking of orange, I can drink OJ all day.  I like it full of pulp.

I love creamy, thick shakes.  Banana, caramel, chocolate, and marshmallow flavors are the best!

So tell me, what quenches your thirst?