In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.

Two weeks ago I ended a friendship that spanned twenty years. I thought it would be hard to do, but it wasn’t. The problem that I was having with her was her love for gossip. And she gossiped about everybody and everything! Listening to her speak, you would have thought that certain celebrities were among her closest friends the way she discussed the most intimate details of their lives “I can’t believe Beyonce… Mike (Epps) need to be ashamed for talking to his daughter that way…”

She was also highly competitive and scrutinized my every move and purchase. She always tried to criticize me “on the low” as my students would say.  Often after being in contact with her I would feel so slimy. She was just too much!

Not to mention, her SIL has a son with Eliza’s brother and I wanted to remove myself from that whole drama circle. When her SIL was buddies with Eliza, she used to prank call my house and job on her behalf. So thus when we are in each other’s presence, it is too awkward for her, so much to the point where I started wondering if I had been the one harassing her!

A dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone so I was not surprised to learn that she had been talking about me with a friend of hers. Now when most people talk about you behind your back,  mind you, they don’t usually come and tell you about it and then blame it on the party that doesn’t know you, lol.

When I told her that I didn’t want to be the object of their messy drama, she was totally indignant that I was offended. Her text read Oh and one last thing. I do feel like u have a issue with me, and if that’s true then it’s displaced irritation and we need to keep it moving  because if it’s that “silly” then let it be just that!” She didn’t seem to think their discussion regarding how much life insurance I received when my husband died and what all I had been doing with the funds was a big deal.

I told her it was best that we end the friendship because it was pointless to explain that she is the only one I could have an issue with for discussing my business as I don’t know her friend. She just doesn’t get it and at this stage in life, I’m not sure she will. Unhappy with my response, she took it to Facebook writing “STILL learning that  people come into your life sometimes for just a season and earn no comebacks. All emotional cripples exit stage left.”

I hope she starts her exit soon.

Bringing the Drama


I needed a way to purge myself of the experience that I had with Eliza and the whole blended family drama that I lived with for far too many years. So I wrote a book. Nothing major. Fiction. Short. Funny. Sigh. Exhale. Moving on.

It is available on Amazon via Kindle  and paperback via me.


Update on the Wal-mart Oil Change Fiasco


After the Wal-mart employee returned with the pliers, I waited another 30 minutes for them to complete the task. They listened to the engine twice to make sure it ran okay. The manager of the Tire Lube & Express apologized for the 100th time and asked if there was anything I’d like the store to do for me. I replied that I would contact the store for a refund the following day and see what else the general store manager offered.

I also plan to send an email to corporate office as well as take my vehicle to the dealer for inspection. That whole episode was just too weird for me.

But I am very thankful for the kindness of strangers! It obviously could have turned out a lot worse had others not gotten involved.

Silver Lining: There are still some good people left in the world!

Lesson: Never allow Wal-mart to do an oil change!

The Lamest of Them All


So I go to Wal-Mart to get my oil changed and buy cleaning supplies. Something told me NOT to go there, but trying to kill two birds with one stone, I went anyway. Not to mention, I had my two-year-old with me and I figured I could entertain him better in Wal-Mart versus a Jiffy Lube.

An hour later I exited feeling like I accomplished something. I stopped at the Marsh next door and went through the drive through at Arby’s for a quick bite. About a quarter of a mile down the road, cars next to me started honking wildly so I rolled my window down. “You have something leaking from your car!” everyone in the vehicle next to me yelled. I thanked them and that’s when I noticed the smoke. I pulled over and indeed it was something black leaking from under the hood.

Instantly a car pulled behind me and asked if I needed help. By that time I was on the phone with the Tire & Lube Express. The good Samaritan asked if he could pop the hood and take a look. The two gentlemen immediately ascertained that the oil plug had not been tightened. I explained this to the service manager and asked for assistance.

Livid, I spent 13 minutes on hold before I hung up and called the general manager. I demanded that he send someone to help me as I could not drive back to Wal-Mart with no oil in my car.

Another good Samaritan stopped and asked if I needed help. He sat and talked with me awhile.

The same guys from earlier who first stopped to see if I needed help came back to see if someone from Wal-Mart had made it yet.
Two men from Wal-Mart arrived ten minutes later. One had to go back to the store because he didn’t bring pliers!

I am waiting as I write this…to be continued.






Okay, I need help. I have instructed Nicholas not to leave half full beverage containers in his trash can a THOUSAND times. In fact I just spoke to him about this AGAIN yesterday! And this morning when I went down to his room, lo and behold, another half full can in the bin! Is he crazy?! When I was told to do something by an adult, I did it.  He needs to be punished, but I want the punishment fit the crime. Or am I being melodramatic?! Any suggestions welcome!!!

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I Like It!


So I received a sample of choffy and I must say I like it! The taste is hard to pinpoint, but if forced to describe it with one adjective, I would choose “fresh.” It has a really fresh chocolate taste. It of course reminds me of cocoa but in a much purer form. Such a decadent delight and the aroma is heavenly!

Choffy can be made either by using a French press or a drip coffee maker. I had neither but the cup in which the sample came with was a French press-pretty impressive.

I embellished mine with half and half and regular white sugar. But I’m sure you could use whatever suits your fancy–almond, hazelnut, or coconut milk, agave, cane sugar stevia, or nothing at all. This consistency is that of any hot drink. I took the picture midway through the steeping process which is why it looks awfully thick.


Lil Skater


We attended two birthday parties this weekend. The first was for my friend’s adorable twin four-year-old boys at the roller rink.

I was impressed that the rink had real skates for toddlers, lol. I skated also which I love to do. I’ve resumed rollerblading in the evening as I push my little one on his trike. I used to do this when Nic was a baby as well, lol.







The second party was at Chuck E. Cheese. I believe this one offered too much stimulation for the small fry as evidenced in the pictures below, lol!






Getting ready to roll!