Update on the Wal-mart Oil Change Fiasco


After the Wal-mart employee returned with the pliers, I waited another 30 minutes for them to complete the task. They listened to the engine twice to make sure it ran okay. The manager of the Tire Lube & Express apologized for the 100th time and asked if there was anything I’d like the store to do for me. I replied that I would contact the store for a refund the following day and see what else the general store manager offered.

I also plan to send an email to corporate office as well as take my vehicle to the dealer for inspection. That whole episode was just too weird for me.

But I am very thankful for the kindness of strangers! It obviously could have turned out a lot worse had others not gotten involved.

Silver Lining: There are still some good people left in the world!

Lesson: Never allow Wal-mart to do an oil change!

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  1. I”m happy that you and your family are safe. Hopefully your car is OK as well. While you lost out on 2 hours of your life, the silver lining is a good thing. Have a very blessed day.

  2. Glad everything worked out. Hope your car is ok. I take my car to Wal-Mart all the time for oil changes. Of course, we’re small town and it’s a couple of my boys friends working in the oil change place. I suppose I could save myself some money and just have the kids come do it at the house for free….. 😉

    • I’m sure it can happen most anywhere, but sometimes Wal-mart is so shoddy which is why that “something” was telling me not to go there for their oil changing services. I’ve used them several times before and only had one problem–they left my key ring Discover card in someone else’s car!

  3. I know this is completely against the way you live, but… You almost need a tag for “dumb-ass”. Yes, I wrote that to amuse myself. Happy Saturday.

    • Hey KM! Supposedly he was in “meetings” all day and the assistant manager could not confer with him about the incident. He said he would refund my money which I asked him to mail. He also stated that what happened with my vehicle was a “freak accident” as Walmart followed all procedures. So I penned a letter to the head honcho–I’ll keep you posted. Also, he never mailed the refund, I had to go there and remind him about it. Walmart!

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