Okay, I need help. I have instructed Nicholas not to leave half full beverage containers in his trash can a THOUSAND times. In fact I just spoke to him about this AGAIN yesterday! And this morning when I went down to his room, lo and behold, another half full can in the bin! Is he crazy?! When I was told to do something by an adult, I did it.  He needs to be punished, but I want the punishment fit the crime. Or am I being melodramatic?! Any suggestions welcome!!!

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  1. Put his drinks in a cup/glass. Then after a bit tell him you have been saving all the half full drinks he’s left in his trash can and giving them to him in the cup/glass.

  2. I assume you’ve informed him the reason for this is 1) makes a mess when you go to empty the trash and 2) the critters that can show up. My thought is to teach him what happens when it’s left that way.

    One year my colleague’s husband “caught” a cockroach in a cup. He’d found it in the bathroom. It was HUGE. Then we showed it to all the classes so they would understand WHY we didn’t allow daily food in the class, and why we would clean up thoroughly after any class party. This became a much more helpful tool as the weeks went by because the cockroach didn’t DIE for a very long time. This showed the students how long it could live on a little food and water. So… you could get a cockroach and place it in his garbage to scare the BeJesus out of him.

    My other thought is to make him solely responsible for all garbage removal and subsequent clean-up. If the bag drips and such, he’s responsible for cleaning up the mess and all stains that might come of it. If it needs to be dry-cleaned, he pays for it.

    I’m guessing he can’t see the point or purpose in your procedure, so he’s not following it. You just need to help him see the rationale behind it.

    Good luck!

    • Suzanne,

      Yes, I have! I explained to him the problem that being slovenly can bring. Obviously it is going in one ear and out the other.However, I’ve calmed down since then, lol! I do make him clean the cans which he doesnt seem to mind. If it doesn’t improve, I may have to remove the trash can and see if that works. He’s really a good kid so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

      The bugs would do it for me! I don’t like them in any form or fashion–especially roaches-MAJOR YUCK!

      Thanks forthe advice!

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