Ethan and Evan have been reunited with their mom. They live here in town but I have yet to run into them.

I suspect a judge forced my husband’s sister to return them and fleeing to another city did nothing for her cause.

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    • Hi Amy, no, I don’t think she will. She has had them for a month now and I have not heard from her. She knows that she can reach me at my job, so there is no excuse.

    • Amy,

      Here is her exact jmail sent to me via JPay dated 10/5/2010:

      Goodmorning M,
      I pray all is well with you. I’m doing well by the grace of God. Mimi I really need your help. I need for you to mail me copies of anything you have regarding Evan’s condition. I need it as soon as you can get it to me. I’ll be home in a few months and I’ve been trying to get things ready ahead of time with family counseling. I would greatly appreciate this. I know you stayed on top of things and I will forever be grateful for the care you provided our boys. They ask me if I talk to you and Nickie. Maybe if you are up to it we can get together when I get home after I get things together. Well I’ll let you go, have a blessed day.



      Here is the second one dated 10/13/2010:

      Goodmorning M,
      Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I will contact you soon so that we can set something up. I talk to the boys but I don’t get to see them regularly. I know they are going to be excited to see you guys. I think it would be good for them. God has a way of working things out doesn’t He:)? I’ll close for now but I’ll be in touch.
      Be Blessed Nikki


      I think she was just saying what she thought I wanted to hear to get what she wanted:(

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