34 and Counting


Here is a review of last year’s birthday list of goals and how I progressed:

1.  Go on an adult vacation: Preferably an island–any island! I went to Cancun and had a nice time

2.  Have my baby boy potty trained: He will be 21 months then. Not quite, but he is almost there

3.  Make time to pursue my hobbies: I did start a personal style blog

4.  Decide if I want to attend law school No, I’ll stick to the education industry.

5.  Find a place of worship

6.  Find a great, simple recipe for mac and cheese Thanks to Suzanne, half and half, and cooking creme

7.  A serious relationship: I am lonely: I am dating someone

8.  Make a pink champagne cake Very rich and decadent!

9.  Start/finish my a scrapbook for my mother: I haven’t even started!

10. Gain 10 pounds: In my opinion there is a such thing as being too thin: Hasn’t happened yet

11.  Have a family vacation somewhere where there is a beach–Australia maybe: Maybe next year!

12.  Compliment/encourage someone at least once a day

13.  Pray more

14.  Keep a resilient attitude I think I am pretty good at this, I am still standing.

15.  Read at least 10 good books that are not work related: The Help, Priceless Inspirations, Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So  They Don’t Control You, Power& Beauty: A Love Story of Life on the Streets, The Hunger Games

16.  Manage my time more efficiently

17. Stop and smell the roses

18.  Develop a plan for my debts No plan, I just started paying what I could pay, lol

19.  Be grateful for the smALL things

20.  Consciously choose to forgive those who have hurt me

21.  Finish the Old Testament: 24 more books to go

22.  Take a class–likely pertaining to my career

23.  Cook whatever I want to eat: I’m back to trying different recipes

24.  Start an online business I opened a store on Esty if that counts, however, I haven’t sold anything yet.

25.  Organize the garage I did, but now it needs organizing again, lol

26.  Create a formal will: Shame on me that I don’t have this done by now!

27.  Save more, spend less

28.  Stop using retail as therapy

29.  Exercise patience

30.  Stop taking everything to heart: I’m about 50% better

31.  Laugh more: Sometimes I am such a wet blanket

32.  Be more creative with my wardrobe

33.  Spend twice as much more QUALITY time with my kids: I have gotten better at this, now I just need to find mutual activities that can be enjoyed by my toddler and teenager. It feels soooo weird that I have a teenager!

34. ?


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  1. There is beauty and elegance in being a work in progress. I applaud that you were so incredibly ambitious and that you achieved so many of your goals. After all, these were not simple things. I’m sorry that number 5 hasn’t happened for you. I can see that this is an area of importance. I do have a (sick/impertinent) method for you, but it really is silly. You could do what the protagonist does in “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”. She test drives churches. That, in and of itself, would be an interesting blog. That aside, I see you wanting in a romantic partner the quality of man who makes that a priority so you could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    Please pass on your style blog name and Etsy log-in. We’re all into Pinterest and if we don’t buy, we pass on things we think are pretty, cool, interesting, helpful, etc.

    Wishing you continued happiness. It was good to “hear” from you, and seeing your name in my email made me happy.

  2. Hi Suzanne! It’s good hearing from you as well! I am eager to see what 2012 brings for me. Lol, Margaret’s method is actually the best one! Sadly I m lacking in the time department so I rely on word of mouth and if the church has a web site, then I check it out. But I honestly need to put more effort into trying to find one.

    The personal style blog is:www,pinklady22.wordpress.com. It’s very simple, unlike some of the “real” ones, lol. It’s just a hobby for me since I like shopping and attempting to put looks together. And Etsy, I don’t remember any of that information as Ihaven’t been on it since I created it, lol!!! But I did write a book called “Bringing the Drama” that I sent off to two publishers a few months ago. I’ll keep you guys abreast of that.

    I agree! If I ever visit San Jose I’ll be looking for you! XOXO

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