Good Change



At the end of each day, I clean out my purse and put the change in a jar. I have filled it up twice and saved over $400. Rhonda passed this tip on to me.


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  1. Until recently I would NEVER spend any change I have begun spending pennies (only). I keep my quarters in a large recycled pickle jar with a slit cut in the top to allow the coins to go in. I keep all my other change in an empty five gallon water bottle.

    I normally take it down the the Credit Union once a year and pour all the change into the machine. It’s alot. It’s never been under $800 but never over $1k.

    When I get cash I try to get as large a bill as possible. Something better be REAL important if I’m going to break a $100 or $50. Once you break those they pretty much evaporate. 😉

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