There’s Something About Those Cookies



This morning I was trying to decide what kind of Girl Scout cookies I wanted to buy from a fellow colleague’s daughter in addition to my favs, Thin Mints.  So I googled to see what new flavors they have and stumbled across this article.


Anyhow, I’m going to order a box of Tagalongs, Shout outs, and two of the violence inducing Thin Mints!


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  1. LOL! That’s just priceless.

    I tend to spend about $100 per year. If I don’t get a lot of GS asking, one gets a VERY BIG ORDER and is happy to see me. Otherwise, I get smaller orders. This year we’re giving the boxes to Keb’s teachers and people at school.

    I also try to buy 10-20 boxes for the military. Hopefully it doesn’t induce violence.

    Thanks for the first laugh of the day. Enjoy your cookies.

  2. I hope you get the violence free mints. WOW!! Just goes to show you. Some people take their thin mints very seriously.

    I love the Samoa’s and my husband is the thin mints man.

  3. I just got my yearly helping of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Although I won’t resort to stabbing someone in the chest for eating the last of them, I will hide and eat them from my children. They have such big appetites and like to eat up everything-the little crumb snatchers : )!

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