Fruits of Labor



I was delighted yesterday to have lunch with a former student and her new husband (no kids yet)! She is currently pursuing a degree in respiratory therapy.  Her husband is in the military and they are stationed in North Carolina.

She is such a sweet, candid young lady.  I loved how she was never embarrassed when she needed help in class. We have kept in touch since she graduated in 2006.

I am so proud of Lori!


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  1. How wonderful. I love seeing a pic of you and yes, you don’t look like the teacher but more like a good friend. It’s so nice that you’ve both taken the time to keep in touch.

    • Lori is a real sweetheart. Over the years she would pop up at random times to say hello. We lost contact for a couple of years when she moved to Florida. However, she wrote a post about me on fb and someone told her my current teaching location and she called me!

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