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  1. Good luck to you. I took a class on this a few years ago with one of my nieces. I could do it as a child and she wanted to learn how. I since learned to knit but only basics and I knit dishcloths to pass the time and it’s fun and very easy. I have a tendency not to finish things so I do the small things because everyone loves when I give these to them and they’re easy. I hope you show us your finished product.

  2. My dad crocheted my mom a bedspread for their queensized bed. They were white four inch squares. Every twelth (I think) square was a crocheted red rose completw with a green leaf going into each of the four corners of that square.

    The story goes that after years of working on it he finished it in the middle of the night and made mom get up out of bed and make the bed so he could see how it looked.

    It was a really amazing piece of work. I wonder where that thing is now?

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