Ice Box


School was closed today due to the ice storm the midwest is currently experiencing.  The last one I recall was well over 25 years ago.  They really are a sight to behold–intricate and beautiful.  However, these are not optimal conditions for those who have to venture out! I am thankful that we can remain inside.

I did take advantage of the day off and managed to:

  • sleep in
  • fold two loads of laundry
  • activate my iPad (birthday gift!)
  • make brunch (bacon and banana waffles)
  • clean the kitchen
  • post on Craigslist
  • completed a survey to win $5k

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  1. You’ve been a busy lady. We have winter weather in the South, too, and unfortunately my husband had to go in to work. It took him about five times longer than usual, but thankfully he made it safely.

    I hope you have a lovely warm day!

  2. It’s getting all of us this time. We aren’t getting the ice but it’s bitterly cold. It sounds like you had a good day off. It’s fun to have them every now and then.

  3. Two ice storms in 24hrs here in Indy. I spent the first few hours of yesterday morning removing 2 inch thick sheets of ice from my cars and driveway. As I work at a hospital and had patients to see, I did not have the option to stay home as I would have liked to. Last night another ice storm hit and recovered my home again. It’s going to be a long day. Hey Morocco, I hope you win that $5k

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