The Lifeless Room


Suzanne suggested that I post a few pictures so that I could get better feedback.

Pic #1: Walking through the door

Pic #2: Window treatments

Pic #3: Another view

Pic #4: My statue that I like to keep warm (hat added!)

Pic#5: Another view

Things I like about the room:

  • accent wall
  • custom portrait
  • bench
  • chocolate carpet
  • ceiling fan

Things I don’t like:

  • It looks like oatmeal–just so bland
  • The couch is not plain making it challenging to change the decor too much
  • The fake potted tree
  • The furniture which is almost ten years old and in excellent condition.  But I want a more modern less stuffy look.  I really want a chocolate, champagne, and sky blue color scheme.  Maybe I will take Stacy’s advice and put my current furniture on Craigslist so I can at least get a new sofa.

What I am thinking about doing:

  • Adding color–maybe teal or eggplant
  • Finding a circular rug for the floor
  • Adding a coffee table or ottoman
  • A swag for the blinds–I don’t want to worry about hanging curtains
  • Replacing the tree with sticks–the artsy kind!

What do you guys think?







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  1. I haven’t analyzed this tons, but my first thoughts were: 1) your couch has great lines. You’re right about the print, but it’s a really classic piece. 2) What is THAT behind the TV? Then I realized it was the window.

    You can’t fix the couch without some EXTREME DIY skills (I don’t have those so I never advocate others undertake projects either), but you could get some really amazing curtains in an accent color that would run the length of that wall and pool on the floor behind the TV. Unless, of course, that wall is HUGE. Then that’s just a bad plan. 🙂 I understand your concerns about curtains (dust, cleaning and hanging), but sometimes they can be really dramatic.

    I think a more striking mirror next to the door.

    That’s it for now.

    • Yes, the couch nice bones but is totally hard to “do over.” Lol, those are the blinds. I had the long, floor pooling curtains at the old house. My aunt calls it the “Arabian Nights” look. I am trying to give this house a different feel so it doesn’t appear as if I just changed locations and nothing else.

      My sister said the same thing about the mirrors. Those are not mine, they came with the house and they would be a good thing to change. I’m just worried about the holes left by the anchors and I don’t want to spackle and paint. I like the mirrors that look like the sun.

      Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Morocco, your house is like mine with a lot of neutral. To give mine color I added very bright rugs, decorative pillows, and pictures. I bought some blank artist canvases and had my daughters paint abstract pictures in bright colors. I also have some bright candles and throws on my sofa. Another thing I did was go to the dollar store and buy some bright plastic bins to sit around to collect clutter.

    I read recently that a room should be 60% a main color, 30% an accent color and 10% another color.

    You have such great taste I am sure it’ll will look amazing when you’re finished!

    • Yes, lots of neutral! I need to find an accent color to incorporate. I could spice it up with all of the things you mentioned–I love the thought of bright candles and throws mixed in with the neutral.

      I will post after pictures. Thanks for the ideas!

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